March 5, 2011

Trending on Twitter: #WeLoveMichaelJackson

Today, MJ Fam started what was intended to be a trending topic on Twitter, #WeLoveMichaelJackson. It did make a trending topic, and it created a list of inspirational and  funny insights on Michael Jackson. We want to share with you our collection of "We love Michael Jackson" to celebrate Michael. Here are just a few  statements and "reasons". 
We all know, that we do not need any reason 
and we loved him 
because were completely unable to love him not.

         We love Michael Jackson
  • for so many reasons that it won't fit in a twitter text box.
  • forever!!! He lives through the music ...
  • because he loved us more.
  •  ♥ ہم مائیکل جیکسن سے پیار کرتے ہیں ♥~                                                                                                Translation from Urdu into English-> We love Michael Jackson ♥
    • cause he takes up all the space in my iPod!
    • because we all are his soldiers of LOVE.
    • cause he taught us that "whatever happens",the "man in the mirror" will "hold my hand", because that's "human nature".
    • and his 3 beautiful children like they are family!
    • because his spirit and music healed the world...Now that he's gone, the world is missing the glue that united us all.
    • Because there will  never be another (M)agical (I)ntelligent (C)hild-like (H)ealing (A)ngelic (E)ternal (L)ove
    • as he is the greatest entertainer on earth <3
    • porque es simplemente inigualable.
    • because he taught us that ur dreams can come true and to have faith and hope.
    • because he gave us hope for the future.
    • as Michael is the reason for the season!!



    mike1909 said...

    Wonderful action MJFAM. Thank you !
    And thank you @Cassarah for the post.

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