January 30, 2011

"My Name is Man"

Each moment, there are forces that work to encourage disconnectedness within ourselves and among one another.

Many still don't find the time to care for their brother or sister in the next zip code, in a different shade of skin, or can't be bothered to listen to someone who speaks a common language, but with an accent that hints of a different mother tongue. Because we know we are blessed to have developed this international family, inspired by Michael Jackson, this song is a fitting dedication, and encouragement of this global "oneness."

German singer Xavier Naidoo , and the group he co-founded Söhne Mannheims, offer this song to us "Mein Name ist Mensch" or "My Name is Man," that is, humankind.

The song and the attached video is a striking reminder to us all to remember our interconnectedness.

By the way, if you don't know Xavier Naidoo, I urge you to check out his soulful voice and lyrics that inspire us to be better to ourselves and others. No worries if you don't know German
(as I do not). My German family and Google Translator have been my friends.

Xavier's voice and message beckon global attention. We all come from light. Let's continue here.

Lyrics translated from German to English:
I have many fathers. I have many mothers,
I have many sisters, and I have many brothers.
My ancestors are black and my mothers are yellow
my brothers are red and my sisters are bright
I'm over ten thousand years old, and my name is man!
I'm over ten thousand years old, and my name is man!
And I live from light, and I live on air, and I live by love,
and I live by bread.I have two eyes and can see everything.
I have two ears and can understand everything.
I'm over ten thousand years old, and my name is man!
I'm over ten thousand years old, and my name is man!
We have an enemy. He takes us the day, he lives from our work,
and lives of our power. He has two eyes, and he does not see.
and he has two ears and understand not.
He has over ten thousand years old and has many names.
He has over ten thousand years old and has many names.
I know we will fight, I know we will prevail,
I know we will live, and we will love.
The planet Earth will include all of us, and everyone will have what he needs.
It will not take ten thousand years more, for the time is ripe.
And it takes less than ten thousand years more, for the time is ripe.

January 23, 2011

MJ statue in the US? Some words from Chinese fans

The MJ statue in Guangzhou, China has been erected and unveiled on the first day of this year. Exciting news has emerged ever since then. This time I'm acting as a messager to deliver some words from the MJ fans in Guangzhou to the world (via the leader of "Michael Jackson Union" - Jessie Jackson, from Hong Kong).

The following is from the facebook page of Jessie. She has kindly agreed and actually very happy to share the news with us. The links to the facebook pages are at the end of the page.

N.B. Jessie tells us that they would like to hear what the world say on this! Please leave your comments here and your words will be passed to the organizers in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. THANK YOU!

Michael Jackson deserves respect around the world, including, naturally, his home country the United States. Fans from China are planning to erect the 1st bronze MJ statue in the United States, just as the way in Guangzhou. What is your opinion on this?

This is being planned for in Kansas in the near future.

As far as we know, if we (Chinese) have the opportunity to erect the MJ statue there, which would be exactly the same as the one in Guangzhou, this will be the very 1st bronze MJ statue in the whole U.S.

What would you say about this?

For the fans all over the world, this is going to be an amazing cultural dynamics!

This is a crossover of art in MJ spirit!

This will be, once again, an action of fans to defend and fight for MJ!

MICHAEL JACKSON should be respected around the world, including his mother country - USA!


Introduction of Kansas:

For English please visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kansas

The relationship between Michael and Kansas:-

1. Advocacy of Equality: Kansas State was the first to enact the U.S. Constitution that all African-American has the right to vote in the state.

2. The agricultural province for mid-U.S., Kansas is also called the "The Sunflower State".

3. Home of Dorothy, the main character in the fairy tale "The Wizard of Oz".

More information will be announced soon!

Source from Guangzhou / Ah Fai

The idea of having a statue in the United States came directly from the successful completion of the MJ statue in China.

1. One of the first reasons is the enormous positive feedback we have received for the MJ statue in Guangzhou. Among the Chinese communities in America and even Europe, the statue has been recognized as a significant event that represents cultural interflow between China and America.

(please note: setting up of the MJ statue in Guangzhou is in essence far more than a tribute for our idol; it has a more sublimed meaning in the exchange of culture and art between the two countries!)

2. Among the many witnesses on the unveiling ceremony were several icons in the field of art, including some famous sculptors. They were all very appreciative of the artistry of Mr. Luk, the sculptor of the MJ statue. One of them was Mr. Wu Shunkun (renowned Chinese sculptor in the U.S.; has been invited as the guest of the White House and was greeted by President Clinton personally). Mr. Wu wants to establish a “Sculpture Park of Chinese and American Artists” in Kansas, one that is similar to Guangzhou’s.

The Sculpture Park has been approved by the Kansas government, and land has been marked for this purpose. Being the founder and the owner, Mr. Wu can decide on the works to be placed in the park. After participating in the unveiling ceremony of the MJ statue on 1st Jan 2011, Mr. Wu decided that the theme of the MJ statue embodied the interflow of arts and culture between China and America very well.

In addition, Mr. Luk’s work can well reflect the level of sculpture skills of Chinese artists.

It has been preliminarily confirmed that this MJ statue will be among the first to be included in the Sculpture Park. The replica of the statue will be made according to the instructions of Mr. Luk, and will then permanently stay in this Sculpture Park in the United States, as an iconic work and a symbol of friendship between Guangzhou and Kansas. The fine details are being discussed between Mr. Luk and Mr. Wu. Please wait for Guangzhou report on this exciting news!

3. At the moment NO fund-raising is being planned for the making of the statue replica, so there is no need for unnecessary speculations. Mr. Luk and Mr. Wu will be in charge, meanwhile President Chen (who attended the unveiling ceremony as well) will communicate and connect with the Chinese business professionals in the States to help financing for the project. As the whole Sculpture Park project is in the stage of planning and preparation, we are also exploring ways to allow us fans to get involved and express our love for MJ. Please wait patiently for our further notice!

Source from Guangzhou - Rabbit (Fai's partner)

Translated by Ruby Wong

Posted by JEssie JAckson

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January 22, 2011

Children´s Day: Give Love To The Children

source: MJJpictures.com

Give Love to the children, children need love everyday.
Give love to the children - guide them on their way.
Love's like a burning flame - consumes all that stands in the way.

Love is the only power on earth to take all the hatred away.
GIVE LOVE TO THE CHILDREN set the children free.
To make their own decisions then they will clearly see.
Love is the sun, the moon and the stars, love is a golden ring.

Love is the one thing, the whole world desires - be it beggar or king.
GIVE LOVE TO THE CHILDREN - youth has not long to stay.
Love is a long term investment, the best you will find any day.

Love like the rising sun, takes all the darkness away.
Our children will tell their children and their childrens children will say.
Give love to the children - they are our crock of gold
and if perchance, they ever stray, they will come back to the fold.

Give love to the children, the children of today.
Give love to the children 


source: davidarchie via @MyMJJtribute


will come to stay.

~  Poem written by: Elizabeth Quinn ( Lisborn, Northern Ireland)



January 15, 2011

You can destroy buildings but you can't destroy L.O.V.E.

Ai Weiwei's studio before the destruction. photo (c) The Telegraph

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei was featured here already as he is a true Soldier of L.O.V.E. fighting for the rights of the unheard voices of the lost children and as a peaceful activist for freedom and democracy in China and around the world.

He uses his phenomenal art to truely make a change and is therefore seriously and constantly under the attack of Chinese authorities, where he almost lost his life being beaten down so hard on the head.

Ai Weiwei never gives up and doesn't even turn his back on China.

On January 11th, 2011 Chinese authorities took another method to bring him down. They completely destroyed his studio building in Shanghai (worth about 1 million US-$). This was probably also a reaction to Ai Weiwei's support of Nobel Peace Price winner Liu Xiaobo.

The New York Times writes about the incident:

BEIJING — The studio would have stood at the heart of an embryonic arts cluster on the outskirts of Shanghai, a draw for luminaries from around the world.

It took two years to build, and one day to tear down. (...)

“Everything is gone,” he said. “It’s all black now. They finished the job at 9 o’clock last night.” (...)

Ai Weiwei standing in the rubble of his studio in Shanghai. photo (c) Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Ai has come to see his escalating conflict with government officials over the Communist Party’s authoritarian rule as performance art. (...)

Full article here.

Meanwhile Ai Weiwei's fantastic work of Art "Sunflower Seeds" is still shown in Tate Modern in London.

This outstanding piece of Art shows hundreds of millions of Sunflower Seeds that seem to be identical but are apparently unique and handmade porcelaine in China.

As we all know about Michael Jackson's love for Sunflowers, the Sunflower Seeds represent the "seeds of love" and a basis for love to grow...

Ai Weiwei's "Sunflower Seeds" in the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern.

Watch the video about "Sunflower Seeds" here:

Let's show human rights activist Ai Weiwei and China our love and support!!! I guess you all saw what happened when the Michael Jackson bronze statue was unveiled in China recently...

Follow Ai Weiwei on Twitter: @aiww

January 8, 2011

Michael Jackson Bronze Statue unveiled in China

Special thanks to echo9120, who uploaded the video  below to you Tube and shares this story:

"According to the fans who were there, the statue was unveiled accidentally. It was originally scheduled to be unveiled on 2011.1.1 at 11.11am.
When one of the guests was speaking, suddenly a strong wind blew away the red boxes (the “dream boxes”) which hide the statue (watch the 0:20 mark). The crowd caught in surprise were screaming while watching the boxes collapsed and “MJ emerged from within”. Some fans cried witnessing this happened before their eyes.Then, the guest speaker said, “You see, MJ himself couldn’t hold on and stand out”. It was also confirmed later by the organizer that the “unveil” wasn’t pre-planned. Anyway, the fans were glad that the act of the wind seems perfect. It blew away all the boxes except leaving “a big wall behind Michael’s back”.

Was it a  freak of nature ....or Michael´s spirit?


January 1, 2011

Kids Take Action to Save Sharks

Every second, 3 sharks die at human hands. Many are "finned" so that their fins can be used for shark fin soup. Sharks are becoming extinct and it is affecting all ocean life.

Executive Producer/Director Gary Rose and fledgling group KISS (Kids Involved in Saving Sharks) have teamed up to create a PSA campaign aimed at halting the slaughter of sharks and preserving the ocean's ecosystem.

MJ Fam, please help those kids and spread their message to help the endangered species of sharks that are essential to our eco system!


Sharks have been around for nearly 400 million years: that makes them older than dinosaurs! There are about 375 different types of shark in the world.

The sea monster myth

Sharks rarely attack people. In fact, the chance of being attacked by a shark is less than the chance of being struck by lightning. The real dangers for people in the ocean are drowning, exposure and being struck by a boat. So no, sharks are not the sea monsters we hear about in stories.

Threat to survival

While sharks are not a threat to people, people are a very real threat to sharks. Each year, over 100 million sharks are killed, most of them for their fins. In fact, there are now 20 types of sharks that are in danger of disappearing because of overfishing.

One of the reasons the shark population is decreasing rapidly is that it takes a long time for sharks to become adults. When a young shark is caught they do not have the chance to grow up and produce baby sharks (pups).

When it comes to reproducing, sharks are more similar to mammals such as whales, dolphins and humans than to other fish. While most fish reach maturity in only a few years and produce thousands or millions of eggs per year, sharks take many years to reach maturity, with some species not reproducing until they are over 15 years old. So when sharks are overfished it may take them many years to recover and in some cases they may never recover.

Why care?

Sharks are crucial parts to the ocean ecosystem. They are at the top of the ocean food chain. They control populations in a beneficial way by eliminating diseased and genetically defective animals. Sharks are an important part of the Earth’s biodiversity.

YOU can help endangered sharks!

1. Educate yourself and others about their importance to our world.

2. Send letters to politicians and other influential people. Let others know how you feel about endangered sharks and how crucial they are to the environment.

3. Sign a petition or start a petition against shark finning and send it to representatives of China.

4. Avoid purchasing products made from sharks.

5. Organise a fundraising activity at your school or in your community and donate to a shark conservation program or organisation.

Together we can make a difference! Tell us how you’ve helped the sharks and inspire other to do the same.

(credits: Save the sharks! on www.ecokids.ca/blog/)

For more information on sharks, please check out and support these websites:









What a relief to know that we are one...

We wish you all a very happy new year with many blessings!

I hope we as the MJ Fam will continue to stay together in unity and keep Michael's message alive. We are the ones to "make that change"...

Together we can Heal The World and continue to fulfill Michael's dream!

This song by R. Kelly is dedicated to you all... The lyrics reminded me of the MJ Fam right away.

"Relief" appeared as a bonus track on the "Best Buy" version of R. Kelly's recent "Love Letter" album...

R. Kelly - Relief Lyrics

The storm is over, and i'm so glad the sun is shining
We fast and pray and it feels good to know that he answers
Confusion everywhere, without a clue on how to make things better
A toast to the man upstairs, 'cause he puts the pieces back together

Now lets step to a new tune,
cause everything is o.k.
You're alright, and I'm alright
Well, let's celebrate

What a relief to know that, we are one
What a relief to know that, the war is over
What a relief to know that, there is an angel in the sky
What a relief to know that, love is still alive

Although we struggle, know that help is on the way (yeah)
The power of love, we can not underestimate (no)
Seems like you're gonna break, and there is no escape, you still got to have faith, yeah
And know that love, is gonna step up to the plate (yeah)

Now lets step to a brand new tune,
'cause everything is o.k.
You're alright, and I'm alright
Oh, so let's celebrate

What a relief to know that, we are one
What a relief to know that, the war is over
What a relief to know that, there is an angel in the sky
What a relief to know that, love is still alive

See I'm just trying to bring relief for those that need it
Somebody help somebody, now go and repeat it
Understand that struggle has no colors
See, we all got our stormy weather,
Thats all the more reason why we should join hands and pull it together

Steppin' gives us a way out through the back door
So take a deep breath and grap somebody and hit the floor

What a relief to know that, we are one
What a relief to know that, the war is over
What a relief to know that, there is an angel in the sky
What a relief to know that, love is still alive

What a relief to know that, we are one
What a relief to know that, the war is over
What a relief to know that, there is an angel in the sky
What a relief to know that, love is still alive