January 31, 2010

L.O.V.E. in action

In the place I live, there is a fan club that I’m proud to be a member of. It is the Michael Jackson Hong Kong Fan Club (MJHKFC). For many years, people there have been sharing their love for MJ and selflessly promoting MJ’s messages in different ways. With MJ’s passing, the club had a large growth of member population, and therefore the club has been able to organize activities in a larger scale and raise awareness.

Today, we went on to the street and helped promoting the newly released “This Is It” DVDs and Blu-rays. People of different ages united together, dressed up like Michael, and showed the crowd the dances they have been practicing for the event. Other helpers gave away balloons and posters to the passing-bys. After a performance at one spot, they moved to another area and performed again, followed by yet a third performance elsewhere. The idea was to get more people pay attention to Michael, especially through the movie, because there we learn the most important messages he ever wanted to deliver to us.

Bravo MJHKFC! You guys are awesome!!

Watch a video clip of their performance!

Michael Jackson Hong Kong Fan Club

January 30, 2010

In Honor of Michael: Grammy Weekend

No words needed.

Courtesy of a wonderful woman who is at the Grammys as we speak. Thanks Y!!!

January 29, 2010

We're on Twitter!!

'It's all for L.O.V.E.' invites you to join us on Twitter!!

We'll love to see your thoughts,feedback, and ideas.

With all L.O.V.E.,

The 'It's all for L.O.V.E.' webteam

January 28, 2010

Sade pays tribute to Michael Jackson in her new song "Skin"

Multi-platinum recording artist Sade will release her new album "Soldier Of Love" (!!!) next week. The first ever release following her "Lovers Rock" album of 2000.

On BET.com you can listen to one of her new awesome song "Skin".


Listening carefully you will realize her tribute to MJ in the lyrics:

"Sure as it's gonna play and play
Like Michael back in the day..."

Find complete lyrics here:

Don't miss Sade's album!!! We all are Soldiers of Michael's army of L.O.V.E.!!!

Michael Jackson In His Own Words

'Your love is magical, that's how I feel. But in your prescence I'm lost for words, words like...I Love you" ---Speechless

"I love the planet. I love the trees. I have this thing for trees & the colors & changing of the leaves I love it"

"I love you, really I do. You have to know that"

"You're not letting it simmer. You have to bathe in the moonlight. Let it simmer" MJ--This Is It

"They always say 'they'll do it'... They? They who? It starts with us.. US or it'll never be done" --This Is It

"Let sadness see what happy does. Let happy be where sadness was"

"We have to bring love back into the world, to remind the world that love is important"

"There's A Lesson to learn, Respects not given it's earned" --Privacy

"We must unite to turn darkness to light, and the love in our hearts will shine"

“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”

January 27, 2010

"Music is only love looking for words"- Lawernce Dunnell

You had the voice that kept me in awe,

You danced with such magic and poise, the best I ever saw.

You were the chosen one, sending the gift of L.O.V.E.,

No doubt in my mind, you were blessed by Our Father above.

Words are hard to find, to express my gratitude-

Thank you for the message in your music Michael...I love you.

January 25, 2010

Seven months...

...have gone since you left us Michael...

Seven months... of grief

Seven months... of questions

Seven months... of joy

Seven months... of hope

Seven months... of tears

Seven months... of loneliness

Seven months... of L.O.V.E.

Seven months... of magic

Seven months... of despair

Seven months... of MUSIC

Seven months... of astonishment

Seven months... of change

Seven months... of friends

Seven months... of chills

Seven months... of disbelief

Seven months... of experience

Seven months... of learning

Seven months... of challenge

Seven months... of smile

Seven months... of heartbreak

Seven months... of gratitude

Seven months... of emotions

Seven months... of rollercoaster

Seven months... of faith

Seven months... of education

Seven months... of MISSING YOU MICHAEL!!!

January 24, 2010

Letter to Michael

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dearest Michael,

I'm thinking of you, how sweet you look in the This Is It rehearsals. You're so animated, dynamic, delicate, fierce, pure, commanding, shy, dazzling, humble, flawless, beautiful, unpretentious, agile, soft, quick, gentle. You are the dance, you are the music, you are the message.

When I see you singing Earth Song in the cherry-picker ~ forests burning behind you, wars waging, Earth crying ~ I see in that moment the culmination of all your work, and I feel I've seen onstage the complete fulfillment of your prophetic calling. Could that last night be the crescendo, when your work here was finally finished in God's eyes?

Soon after your death I learned, from fans who'd seen you return home, that the clothes you wore during that rehearsal were those you wore the night before you died. Had we witnessed the very night your mission here was complete?

Selfishly, we wanted you to stay ... the world needs you. But you were taken from us. With your passing we sense an elegant and vast energy has been sucked out of Earth's atmosphere. It feels colder, darker, harsher now. Yet we have to live in this void you've left behind and then begin to refill it.

I pray you speak to God on our behalf. Help us know the truth yet be strengthened to go on and complete our mission, keep your legacy alive and pure, and do our part to make this a better place.

God bless you forever ...

Haiti Children

"What we need to learn from children isn't childish. Being with them connects us to the deep wisdom of life, which is ever present and only asks to be lived. now, when the world is so confused and it's problems so complicated, i feel the need our children more than ever. their natural wisdom points the way to solutions that lie, waiting to be recognized, within our own hearts."

"Children" from Dancing the Dream poems and reflections

by Michael Jackson

As efforts to deal with the aftermath of the earthquakes devastation go on in Haiti and while the main focus is on the injured and providing some sense of stability with security, medical care, water and food supplies, the people are also looking and wonder about the future beyond tomorrow.
The country is facing old issues like weak institutions, lack of access to basic health-care services, poverty or violence but is also sitting on a virtual goldmine: 40% of the population are children under the age of 14 while 58.5% of the people are 15 to 64 years old (source - The World Factbook)
With a median age of 20.2 years Haiti could emphasize on the benefits of a youth driven reconstruction of the country.
The cold facts in statistics and in the reality of Haiti show that there's a lot to be done in order for this potential to be transformed into viable resource.
Haiti is the country most affected by HIV/AIDS outside sub-Saharan Africa.
Poverty, little access to basic health-care, high population density, weak and deteriorated infrastructure this nation faces very though challenges in order to improve the living situation of it's children.
But the most important of all challenges is the need to get children in schools and offering them the means (health-care, solid educational programs, etc.) to stay in school.
If Haiti has a chance to turn this situation around then it's hopes lie in the millions of children.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"
Nelson Mandela

January 23, 2010

Children's Day: January 22

We are all haunted by the images of the injured, suffering children and those who died in the earthquake in Haiti last week. As an earlier post reminded us, children in China suffered the same fate in 2008 when a deadly earthquake hit one of its provinces. These major events, where thousands of children's lives abruptly end, remind us of how precious they are. Their loss is too much to bear.

Here are just a few words to remind us to be hopeful, mindful, grateful and inspired by the children who are still with us, in the physical. The children who have passed on are still with us in spirit.

Enjoy the child in all of us. Love them with all of your might. As Michael Jackson reminds us, let them teach us and inspire us everyday.

January 22, 2010

Children's day: Remembering the Lost Children in the fatal earthquake of Sichuan 2008

As today is children's day and the fatal power of earthquake has come to our painful remembrance in Haiti again, I would like to put the spotlight on the children that have lost their lives in the province of Sichuan that was hit by earthquake in 2008 and on a very brave Chinese artist that acts as their ambassador ever since.

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei almost lost his life remembering the thousands of children that had to die in the earthquake in the province Sichuan 2008 because their schools had been built neglecting the building code due to corrupt officials that cared more for their personal livelihood than for the lives of the children that went to study in these buildings every day.

After the government refused to issue a detailed report on the events and the names of children and adolescents who have died in the earthquake in Sichuan, Ai Weiwei has published with the help of volunteers such names on his blog.

Therefore Ai Weiwei got beaten down by government authorities for several hours in a hotel room in Sichuan. So hard that he had to under go emergency operation weeks later in Munich, Germany which was very last minute according to the doctors.

He has dedicated a huge installation called "Remembering" that was shown in Munich to the kids that lost their lives for no reason...

The arrangement of the 9000 children's backpacks, hanging on the museum's facade, resulting in Chinese characters the words "For seven years she lived happily in this world." The quotation is from the mother of a victims.

The colors in this table refer to the logo of the toy retailer "Toys R Us". Ai Weiwei has written them with backpacks, because after the earthquake in the area of school satchels, of many the buried children had been found. With his art, he puts the lost and buried in those days, the world public. In a colorful, cheerful colors change, he exposes the buried hope.

In an article I read that the journalist had asked Ai Weiwei in 2007 if he had any children and he said: "No, I have a kid inside myself." and when she asked him that same question again in 2009, he said: "Yes, now I have kids. The children of Sichuan."

This message and the whole concept of it reminded me so much of MJ's message: It's about saving the kids that have no voice, true commitment, freedom of speech and positive and hopeful energy at the same time...

Therefore I today dedicate "The Lost Children" to all children that have been harmed in earthquakes around the world. -> Make That Change!!!

January 21, 2010

Just for kicks...

(I had a random MJ moment on Twitter last night as I went to sleep & I feel like I should share....)

*To my 'PYT's' and 'Lovely Ones'-

It's going to be a 'Thriller' night.

They 'Wanna be startin' somethin'', you know 'They don't care about us'.

It's only 'Human Nature' to love MJ, anything else would be 'Bad'.

Those haters need to 'Leave me alone' and 'Beat It'.

It doesn't matter if you're 'Black or White', 'We are the World'!

We should 'Come Together' and 'Heal the World' instead of fighting.

LOVE will forever keep us together...'You are not alone'

in closing-

I hope you 'Remember the Time' and don't forget to 'Jam'.*

Michael Jackson In His Own Words

If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.

Just because it’s in print doesn’t mean it’s the gospel.
*note this is one of my favorite MJ quotes I wish more people listened & understood this :)**

When I see children, I see the face of God. That's why I love them so much. That's what I see.
Circa 2005

“I believe in my heart that the music community will come together as one and rally to the aid of thousands of innocent victims, ... There is a tremendous need for relief dollars right now and through this effort each one of us can play an immediate role in helping comfort so many people.”
*I don't know when exactly he said this, but I think it fits in with what is going on right now, with Haiti & I'm hoping not just the music community but ALL communities come together to help

“There's a Mother's Day and there's a Father's Day, but there's no Children's Day. It would mean a lot. World peace.”

"There's nothing that can't be done, if we raise our voice as one"-We've Had Enough

Our parents taught us to always be respectful and, no matter what you do, to give it everything you have. Be the best, not the second best. -USA Today Interview 2001

It's a complete lie, why do people buy these papers? It's not the truth I'm here to say. You know, don't judge a person, do not pass judgement, unless you have talked to them one on one. I don't care what the story is, do not judge them because it is a lie. -Oprah Interview 1993

I'm never pleased with anything, I'm a perfectionist, it's part of who I am. -Oprah Interview 1993

But I will never stop helping and loving people the way Jesus said to.

‘We Are the World’ Sequel Set to Aid Haiti

As originally published here:

By: Roger Friedman // Wednesday January 20, 2010

We Are the World Sequel Set to Aid Haiti

EXCLUSIVE: This column has learned that Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie are planning a massive 25th anniversary re-recording of “We Are the World.”

The timing couldn’t be better, sadly enough.

The duo is summoning lots and lots of talent from Grammy weekend to stay an extra night — Monday Feb. 1 — and come to the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. There, they will celebrate a quarter century since Ken Kragen, Richie and Michael Jackson organized the original “We Are the World” with Quincy.

This time the artists invited include Usher, Natalie Cole, and John Legend. But you can bet that more names will be added shortly and that all the Grammy nominees and participants will be asked to come as well. Grammy producer Ken Ehrlich will produce the event, which will then be turned into a video and single just like it was in 1985. Don’t be surprised if Wyclef Jean joins in, along with Sting, Fergie, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake and other distinctive voices.

It’s hoped that as in 1985, everyone will “leave their egos at the door.”

Originally, this anniversary celebration was to be held on Jan. 28. But when the Haiti earthquake happened, sources tell me, the whole deal changed. Now proceeds will go to Haiti relief. In 1985, “We Are the World,” which begat Live Aid, raised money for Africa relief.

Plans are still sketchy, but one thing’s for sure: In some way, the song’s co-author Michael Jackson will be invoked. AEG is co-producing this event. They’re also putting together a 3D tribute to Michael for the Grammy show from elements Jackson was going to use for his tour. Jackson recorded “We Are the World” for what became “This Is It.” Surely he’ll be included here as well, which will make the whole project even more poignant.

Stay tuned. PS: Quincy Jones is about to release what has been described to me as a landmark new album that he’s made with contemporary R&B and hip hop artists. He was responsible for the original “We Are the World” and will guide the new one. He is not a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in case you were wondering.

January 20, 2010

Grammys will stage 3-D tribute to Michael Jackson

The Associated Press
Wednesday, January 20, 2010; 10:37 AM

NEW YORK -- Last year, as the Grammys were approaching, the show's executive producer was in frequent talks with Michael Jackson to appear on the telecast to celebrate the 25th anniversary of "Thriller."

Ken Ehrlich, the Grammy telecast's co-executive producer, had presented several ideas for performers, including Justin Timberlake and Usher, all of which excited Jackson. But in the end, he declined the show's invitation.

"He just wasn't ready for it," Ehrlich said.

This year, Jackson will be a focal point of the show, with an unprecedented posthumous tribute. The Grammys will broadcast a 3-D clip the singer made for his hit "Earth Song," a video that was to be integral to his comeback concerts in London in July 2009 - shows that never happened because of his June 25 death in Los Angeles.

Usher, Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson and Smokey Robinson will perform alongside the clip, which Ehrlich says will be the first time an awards show will feature 3-D.

"Whenever we would do a show with (Jackson), the first thing he would say to me was, `How can we do something that we (have) never done before?' And now we're doing something that hasn't been done before," said Ehrlich, who worked with Jackson for almost 30 years, in an interview Tuesday.

Ehrlich produced the televised memorial to Jackson last year. He was with the singer the night before he died - and that's when he first saw the 3-D clip of "Earth Song," a call to action about the destruction of nature and animals by man.

"There are these incredible images of the beauties of nature, and then they are seen through the eyes of a little girl, and that girl falls asleep and when she wakes up, she is witness to the destruction of nature," said Ehrlich. "It's all about questioning what our values are."

While a part of the clip was shown in the recent movie documentary "This Is It," Ehrlich says the Grammys will show the full piece in 3-D. When he saw it with Jackson that night, Ehrlich said the singer was moved to tears.

"It was pretty emotional for him," Ehrlich said. "Afterward he said to me that that song and that piece and that portion of the concert was as important to him than anything else in the show."

Ehrlich decided to use the five-minute 3-D clip at the Grammys to produce a show-stopper worthy of Jackson, who provided the awards show with some of its most memorable moments, including his then-historic eight Grammy wins in 1984.

"The promise is this is going to be pretty spectacular," he said.

Viewers can get free 3-D "Grammy" glasses from Target stores nationwide from Jan. 24 through Jan. 31, when the 52nd annual Grammy Awards will air live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles on CBS (8 p.m. EST). Ehrlich says TV viewers can see the clip without the glasses, but won't see the 3-D effect.

Jackson will be honored with a lifetime achievement award from the Recording Academy during the show.

"This is the one award from us that Michael never received," said Recording Academy President and CEO Neil Portnow.

Portnow said he expected Jackson's family to be in the audience but their attendance hasn't been confirmed.


Article as published here:

A new family...

This is just a quick hello to my dear sweet loving MJFam. This is my first entry (hope you enjoyed the story involving my grandmother and MJ *smile*)

I have so much respect for those who work for the underserved, trying to shine light in the pits of darkness.

MJ was my light...a beam of hope and, of course L.O.V.E

I hope to bring something to the mix every once in a while...be good! xo

January 19, 2010

Its a MJ Thing ~

  • Making my heart melt to “Human Nature” or '’Butterflies”

  • Sings like an angel and moves like a gazelle

  • Inspiring other artists to contribute to the L.O.V.E. by singing Jackson 5 songs, or your solo work in your honor

  • Rocking the gold pants like nobody’s business

  • Giving the music industry the BLUEPRINT of how to handle business

  • Putting prayers into his lyrics

  • Wearing your favorite worn black loafers whether your relaxing around the house or performing in front of thousands of fans

  • Touches the soul of millions

  • Uniting people of all races, cultures, and nationalities to help ~heal the world~

  • People crying an ocean with their tears after his passing

January 16, 2010

Prayer Request for Haiti

Knowing that God works  in the hearts of the people many will come to know Him through this tragedy...

Many lifes are being saved through the efforts of dedicated men and women, and the Baptist Haiti Mission asks you to continue to lift them up in prayers. Pray that God will give them strength and guide their hands.

Baptist Haiti Mission let us know on the internet some ways we can support them through prayer.

    * Wisdom to know how to start helping the many who are hurt, without food and water or without shelter.

    * Safety as we receive supplies and start to distribute them. There is always a concern that we could be the target of mobbing if they know we have lots of supplies.

    * That God would miraculously supply the needed diesel, water and food that we need. Our hospital needs the generator to keep it running, so diesel is a huge need.

    * That the medical team scheduled to arrive on Tuesday would be able to arrive without any troubles and with all their supplies.

    * For strength for the hospital staff, missionaries, and all those involved in the relief efforts to continue day by day.

Where is the L.O.V.E.?

as most of you know who know me (and this is by no means meant to sound braggish) know, I have always and will always try to do my best to help someone who needs it. Even if it is a simple smile to a passerby on the street. I feel like sometimes all it can take to change a persons day or maybe even someones outlook is a kind word or a kind action. I know that kind, good people are out there take the incredible MJ fam for example..a great example of people who will go out of their way to make someone feel better or to help but i have to say for awhile there I was starting to get disenchanted with humanity as a whole. It's disheartening to see a person drop a bag and people walk past them like they aren't even there, someone broke down on the side of the road in need of help and at LEAST 20 cars fly by before one even attempts to stop & help. I started to wonder, where is the love anymore? or at least where is the compassion. Have people gotten so jaded and cold that they can walk past someone in need and not even take a second glance or even care? Do they just tell themselves 'it's the persons fault they're this way' or do they just simply shrug and say 'why is this my problem?'. When did it become all about ME and stop being about WE as a whole as a group? Unfortunately, for the time being there will continue to be people who think like that & as disheartening as that is to me I think I have found the love. I volunteered earlier this year at a "soup kitchen" & saw people of all ages, races coming together to help people who might have not had a meal otherwise. As i'm sitting here taking a break from packing & boxing supplies to send to the people of Haiti I am again seeing all ages, races ...people of low income & those who look wealthy again coming together taking time out of their day to lend a hand to help people in need. & I smile as I think, there ARE kind hearted compassionate people out there. the world hasn't truly been taken over by cold uncaring people WE are still here, WE still care & I think that WE can make a change! I think and hope change is coming. I Pray that 2010 is just the start of spreading love and compassion. That it's just the start of people accepting each other & loving each other for our differences. 2010 a year where change is going to come :)

Help Haiti - Together we can Heal The World

Quincy Jones on the Earthquake in Haiti & How to Help

There's A Place In
Your Heart
And I Know That It Is Love
And This Place Could
Be Much
Brighter Than Tomorrow
And If You Really Try
You'll Find There's No Need
To Cry
In This Place You'll Feel
There's No Hurt Or Sorrow

There Are Ways
To Get There
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Little Space
Make A Better Place..

from Michael Jackson's Heal the World

January 14, 2010

Grandma once grabbing more attention than the WORLD´S biggest star

This story was sent to me by email and I found it really heartwarming. Therefore I asked our friend @sohappi for her permission to post it here, hoping it may give you a little simile, too. ~ C. ~

Michael Jackson and Frank Dileo arriving at Heathrow Airport in 1988

This little story involves MJ & my grandma.

I've talked to Alicia about my grandmother some, in order for the story to make some sense a little background.

My grandma was highly involved in the civil rights movement as well as environmental issues and equality for all.

She was known nationally and traveled the world for her various causes.

A lot of her work happened in the *80's*, pretty much the entire decade...
Keep this in mind as you read further.

My grandmother returned home from a trip to Brazil, I believe.

She would always tell us about her trip show pictures...etc.

Well, this time she said something was going on at the airport upon her arrival.

According to grandma, there was a lot of activity going on. She noticed a lot of kids in the airport full of excitement.

It's brought to my grandmothers attention that Michael Jackson was landing in the same airport, hints the activity.

Once my grandmother gets off the plane, she can see the group of children running in the direction of the planes (I take it this was a smaller, private airport.)

The kids are in a frenzy, calling my GRANDMA'S name!

So, grandma says that the kids were running towards her to take pictures, autographs...etc.

She out shined MJ (?)
~i think not~

When she mentioned MJ at the beginning, of course I was all ears, she knew I was a huge MJ fan, (but I'm a bigger fan of hers.)

However at the end of the story, I had a very confused look on my face, as I do now.

Who's to say my little Southern Grandma grabbed more attention than the WORLD'S biggest star, in the 1980's, when he was at his highest plato...

I'm sure they have discussed that encounter in heaven. 

I have no doubts about it that Michael Jackson will have been happy this grandma to get the attention he was used to receive in the late 80th. He knew that it took people like this wonderful and brave grandma to make his dream of a better tomorrow to come true. He would have paid homage himself to grandma if knowing what was going on there on that special day... ~Cassarah~

January 13, 2010

Help Haiti - Cross Reference to "Make That Change" Blog

Considering the current earthquake in one of the poorest countries on this planet, it's our duty to "Make That Change"!!!

So I want to ask everyone of you to check out possibilities to help the people of HAITI! Eighty percent of Haiti's population lives under the poverty line,
according to the CIA World Factbook.

It's easy to help at least with donating money for the people in need.

You can find references how to help here or go support Wyclef's organization www.yele.org or go to your local Red Cross website and donate online:


Thank you so much!!! It's all for L.O.V.E.!

January 12, 2010

Michael Jackson - Drawings

When God was giving out talent, He gave all of it to Michael Jackson.
Babyface (Singer, Songwriter, Producer)

Michael Jackson 's entire life was an ever evolving work of art
Michaela Angela Davis - Ebony tribute issue

January 11, 2010

~Its A MJ Thing

    ~Its A MJ Thing

  • Saying "Shamone" multiple times in your conversations
  • Yep I love everybody here u know? =)
  • Makin' ya grandpa scream with his "I Heart MJ" shirt on and then making him faint
  • Driving on a bus for more than 14 hrs to get to his show!
  • I’m proud to say I’m a MJ junkie!!
  • Losing friends because they don't support my feelings for Michael
  • Having to move because your MJ stuff doesn't fit your apartment anymore!!!
  • Having thousands of fans tattoo MJ their skins
  • Having a huge Internet family that loves you :)
  • Fans who will always be there no matter what

January 10, 2010

Better On The Other Side (Michael Jackson Tribute) by The Game

[Diddy talking]
I remember the first time I seen you moonwalk,
I believed I could do anything,
you made the world dance,
you made the music come to life

[Chris brown - Chorus]
This the type of song that make the angels cry,
i look up in the sky and i wonder why?
why you had to go, go
I know its better on the other side,
you were chosen from the start
never gon’ let you go,

[The Game]
Who’s Michael Jackson,
You’re Michael Jackson,
I’m Michael Jackson,
We all Michael Jackson,
I guess what Im asking is everybody bow their head for a legend dont breathe for a second,
now let the air out, grab the hand of somebody you care about,
so you can hear my message, my confession,
someone tell Usher, I seen the moonwalk, I guess the young thriller touched him, like he touched me, like he touched you,
so carry on his legacy, something i must do, so i trust you lighting candles, concrete visuals, me and my brothers listen to Jackson 5 in the living room,
first thing i did when i heard was call Puff,
cos him and Mike tried to stop the beef between us,
who was us? Me and Fifty, that beef is dead, him and Mike Jackson gonna take us to the ledge.


As I’m pouring out this liquor candles start to flicker,
when list (?) my air ones, MJ was my nier.
Not the one that play ball, the one with the Hollywood star,
and since I’m a Hollywood star Imma tell you my story,
never had a family that close, never see Barry Gordy walking through interscope,
just like me they always had Mike in a scope,
no matter what you say,
imma love him and hes still dope,
let me take you back to 85 when i was in a zone, dancing for my momma thriller jacket with all the zippers on,
now I’m doing 90 bout to crash in this Aston,
listening to Outcast, I’m sorry Mrs Jackson
anything I can ever do to better you your son was our king so we wont Coretta you,
I’m writing this letter to all the Jackson kids, we all Jackson kids, time to let us through.


[Boys II Men]
This the kind of song that make the angels cry,
look up in the sky and ask God, why o why why
Do we live and let die
This the kind of song that make the angels cry,
look up in the sky and ask God, why o why why
Do we live and let, live and let die.

January 9, 2010

Beautiful MJ Tribute: Dear Michael, Do You Know How Precious You Are?

Song used:

Dear Friend - Stacie Orrico

Dear Friend, what's on your mind
You don't laugh the way you used to
But I've noticed how you cry
Dear friend, I feel so helpless
I see you sit in silence
As you face new pain each day
I feel there's nothing I can do
I know you don't feel pretty
Even though you are
But it wasn't your beauty
That found room in my heart

Dear friend, you are so precious Dear Friend

Dear friend, I'm here for you
I know that you don't talk too much
But we can share this day anew
Dear Friend, please don't feel like you're alone
There is someone who is praying
Praying for your peace of mind
Hoping joy is what you'll find
I know you don't feel weak
Even though you are
But it wasn't your strength
That found room in my heart
Dear friend, you are so precious, Dear Friend

The last tear - by Michael Jackson (from Dancing The Dream)

The last tear By Michael Jackson - take from "Dancing the Dream"

Your words stabbed my heart, and I cried tears of pain.
"Get out!" I shouted. "These are the last tears I'll never cry for you." So you left.
I waited hours, but you didn't return. That night by myself I cried tears of frustration.
I waited weeks, but you had nothing to say. Thinking of your voice, I cried tears of loneliness.
I waited months, but you left no sign for me. In the depths of my heart, I cried tears of despair.

How strange that all these tears could not wash away the hurt! Then one thought of love pierced my bitterness. I remembered you in the sunlight, with a smile as sweet as May wine. A tear of gratitude started to fall, and miraculously, you were back. Soft fingers touched my cheek, and you bent over for a kiss.
"Why have you come?" I whispered.
"To wipe away your last tear," you replied. "It was the one you saved for me."

Copyright © 1992 Doubleday

January 8, 2010

IS IT BECAUSE HE'S BLACK? What They Don't Want You to Know About Michael Jackson

This great article by Christoper Hamilton was written in January of 2006 after Michael moved to Bahrain following his acquittal.

It gives great insight about how he was treated by the music industry and the media at the time.

Hard to read especially knowing that MJ was again the biggest selling artist of last year and caused millions and millions of income for Sony after all.

Read here!

IS IT BECAUSE HE'S BLACK? What They Don't Want to know about Michael Jackson

By Christopher Hamilton
(January 5, 2006)

What do you think of when you hear the name, Michael Jackson? Wacko? Criminal? Great Entertainer? Businessman? Whatever you think of MJ, throw all your thoughts out of the window and let's examine some facts.

For years the media has labeled him "Wacko Jacko." What happened to MJ? Wasn't he the biggest thing in music at one point? When did he go crazy?

All anyone has to do is look when Michael started being portrayed as "Crazy." It wasn't during the "Thriller" years. It's cool being a song and dance man. That's what they want. DON'T DARE BECOME A THINKING BUSINESSMAN. DON'T DARE BUY THE BEATLES CATALOG. DON'T DARE MARRY ELVIS' DAUGHTER. DON'T DARE BEAT THE RECORD INDUSTRY AT THEIR OWN GAME. Michael started being labeled crazy when he began making business moves that no one had been successful at doing.

Michael took two cultural icons and shattered them to pieces. All our lives, we've been bombarded with 2 facts. The Beatles were the greatest group of all time and Elvis was the King of Rock and Roll. Michael bought the Beatles and married the King's daughter. (if that ain't literally sticking it to the man) If I wasn't a cynic, I'd say Michael did the Lisa Marie thing just to stick it to the people who consider Elvis the King.

The Beatles were great, but they weren't great enough to maintain publishing rights over their own songs.

Elvis was great, but he didn't write his songs. His manager, Col Tom Parker, was the mastermind behind Elvis ... keeping him drugged with fresh subscription pills and doing all the paperwork.

Michael could do no wrong as an entertainer. "Off the Wall," first solo artist with 4 top ten singles. "Thriller," the biggest selling album of all time, with a then record 7 top ten singles. "Bad," the first album to spawn 5 number one songs (even Thriller only had 2 number one songs). All this is cool. But that is all you better do. SING AND DANCE. Michael wanted to be greater. He bought the legendary Sly and the Family Stone catalog and no one really cared. When he bought the Beatles, people noticed. The Sony merger took the cake. Sony, in their eagerness to have a part of the Beatles catalog, agreed to a 50/50 merger with Jackson, thus forming Sony/ATV music publishing. Now, Michael co-owns half of the entire publishing of all of Sony artists. Check out the complete lists of songs at sonyatv.com. A sampling of the songs he owns the publishing rights to are over 900 country songs by artists such as Tammy Wynette, Kenny Rogers, Alabama. All Babyface written songs. Latin songs by Selena and Enrique Iglesias. Roberta Flack songs, Mariah Carey songs, Destiny's Child's songs. 2pac, Biggie and Fleetwood Mac songs. In essence over 100,000 songs. "What is this man doing?" None of the greats did this. Not Bono, Springsteen, Sinatra. "Who does he think he is? Get whatever you can on him."

To "get" someone, you have to attack what they love the most. I'll say no more on that.

The only man who even approaches MJ in taking on the industry is Prince and to a lesser extent, George Michael. They went after poor George Michael, publicly outing the man as a homosexual. Prince fought hard and made his point, but nevertheless still had to resort to using a major company to distribute his materials. There is nothing wrong with that. Prince would get the lion's share, but the result were years of being labeled crazy and difficult.

The greatest moment for them was the Sneddon press conference. "We got him." Never was such glee so evident. Who cares if we have evidence?

Michael was acquitted, did not celebrate, went home and left the USA. Best move ever. Now what is there left for the haters to do? He's gone. "Gone, what do you mean he moved to Bahrain? Well, how the hell can we get him if he's not here? Quick, get that columnist to write a series of articles on how MJ's teetering on the brink of destruction. Oh we did that? Well, what can we do?"

On the outer surface, it appears Michael is not doing anything to make money. Don't even count the weekly sales of his CDs. 15,000 CDs a week is nothing for Michael. The Sony/ATV catalog is money for Michael Jackson every time he breathes. Serious money. The fact that no one reports on the actual amount is proof of that. They would rather you believe he is broke than tell you the truth. Neverland is still owned by MJ. The family home in Encino is still owned by MJ. Michael still owns the Beatles songs through the merger with Sony as well as full ownership of his own songs. But, hey, that's our little secret.

Michael Jackson is literally walking in the shoes that no Black person has ever walked in before. If he ever writes an autobiography, it will be one of the most interesting ever. A Black man with no real formal education becomes the most powerful man in the industry, DESPITE hatred, racism, enemies in his own camps and a media willing to be bought to the highest bidder.

If Sony had any sense, right now they should offer to continue the partnership. That's the only way they will make future money off of Michael's catalogue. Tommy Mattola did not lose his job with Sony because he was a bad label head. It was a casualty of war. MJ exposed him and Sony had to cut their losses. Companies do it all the time. Notice no one at Sony nor did Matolla himself ever sue MJ for slander. Michael always was loyal to his bosses at Epic/Sony. Back at the 1984 Grammys, he even brought then label head Walter Yetnikoff on stage with him at one point. He's always thanked Dave Glew, Mattola and others at Sony in his acceptance speeches.

Sony can still do right by Michael, but it may be too late. However, they still should make a goodwill gesture, but how many times do businesses do that? If I were them, I'd still want MJ as an ally, not as an enemy. It is/was a mutally profitable merger.

I'd be scared as hell if I was an enemy of MJ while he is with the multi-billionaires overseas. Believe me, they aren't just over there discussing designer clothing. A conglomerate is in the making.

One last note, these facts that I write here should not be the only times you hear this, but the sad fact is it probably is. I was worried that Michael would go down because of the uncertainty of the jury. That's playing unfair. If I'm presenting these facts here at EURweb, YOU CAN BELIEVE THE MEDIA KNOWS IT ALREADY AS WELL. They aren't salivating over everything MJ related just because he made "Thriller." They know what's up. Think about it. That's why I laugh when I see shows like BET's "The Ultimate Hustler." We all know who that is. (How can Damon Dash know who the ultimate hustler is anyway? He lost Roc-a-fella to Jay-Z)

In the end, Michael won't be known for being an alleged child molester. He won't be known for "Thriller." He will be known as the man that fought the record industry and won and lived to tell the tale. That is a book worth buying.

Christopher Hamilton is a freelance entertainment writer. He can be reached for questions or comments at mrcjhamilton@hotmail.com
Article originally posted here:

Used by permission of the author.

January 4, 2010

Michael Monday ~ Its a MJ Thing

Last week, MJ Fam started what was intended to be a trending topic on Twitter, "Its a MJ Thing." It didn't make a trending topic, but it created a long list of inspirational, funny, and at times, quirky bits of insights on Michael Jackson. In the first installment of "Its a MJ Thing" to celebrate Michael Monday, here are just a few "MJ Things:"

  • You and your family being a part of our lives and memories before we could talk, crawl or walk

  • Loving and caring for children

  • Donating all the profits of "The Dangerous Tour" to Heal the World Foundation

  • Making grown men cry

  • Writing songs that will forever be up to date, beautiful, heart shaker and never enough.

  • Nice to dance, feel & learn from

  • Making music videos EPIC events

  • Making me quiver when he sings "Lady in My Life" or " I Can't Help It"

  • Singing Hee-Hee

  • Making my heart melt to "Human Nature" or '’Butterflies"

  • Sings like an angel and moves like a gazelle

January 2, 2010

Michael´s Messages to his Fans (2007 and 2008)

Michael Jackson loved his fans - and they go on loving him more. Here are some of the uncounted notes MJ used to give to his fans...

"October 9, 2007

I would like to thank you for the beautiful cards, photographs, messages, videos, and gifts, sent to me on my birthday.

I was overwhelmed by your kindness.
Your continued love and support means so much to me. I really love and appreciate you all... From the bottom of my heart.

I've been really busy lately. Hopefully, you've all seen the results of my recent photo shoot with L'Uomo Vogue.

Soon, I will be sharing exciting and surprising news with you from my other efforts.

Please know again, that I love and appreciate each and every one of you, and send to you my heartfelt thanks and warm wishes.

Michael Jackson

(date of message unknown)

MJTLS @ KOPD shared two handwritten notes from Michael Jackson, which he wrote in 2008 on November 10th and November 11th for the fans at the hotel in Los Angeles in which he was staying.
"I truly love all of you; I am recording tonight, for all of you, you are my true inspiration forever. I am living for you, and the children. Be alive, be free, feel consciousness, subconscious, being God.(edit: "being God" could be a spelling error for "being good".) I love you. M. Jackson and Family." (11/10/2008)

"You make me sooo happy. I can feel your energy through the walls. The sky is the limit. Higher consciousness always. Working hard, as always. Music, film, performance. I love you. Michael Jackson." (11/11/2008)