July 22, 2010

Children´s Day: Songlyrics from B. Wegener

Every child needs L.O.V.E
M. Jackson with his son Prince M.

Instead of growing up surrounded by loving and caring parents,many children have to suffer lack of education, lack of respect, lack of caring, lack of love.
Violence against Children needs a global effort to paint a detailed picture of the nature, extent and causes of violence against children, and to propose clear recommendations for action to prevent and respond to it. 
The background of the  lyrics below is the daily experienced domestic violance - which still is a dark horse...
Let us not get blind for this kind of child abuse but takie it as a call for action  and  a call for giving our L.O.V.E whenever we see any kind of violance against a child.


Tiny hands, with tiny fingers 
Never beat them, otherwise they break

Tiny feet, with tiny toes
Never step on them, otherwise they can’t walk

Tiny ears, keen and you permit
Never shout at them, otherwise they become deaf

Beautiful mouths, speak out everything
Never stop them talking, for they´ll fall silent at all.

Clear eyes which yet see everything
Never bandage, otherwise they´ll not understand anything

Tiny souls, open and totally free
Never do any pain to them, for they´ll break apart

Tiny spine, hardly can be seen
Never  bow it, ... for it will break.

Straight clear persons would be an ambitious aim
People without spine, we’ve already got a lot.

(Songlyrics from B. Wegener, 
translated from German into English)



July 18, 2010

Happy Mandela Day!

Today Mr. Nelson Mandela turns 92. 

The It´s-all-for-LOVE-webteam wishes Mr.Mandela a happy Birthday  with his beloved family around him and happy and healthy years to come.
It is said Mandela's greatest pleasure, his most private moment, is watching the sun set with the music of Haendel or Tchaikovsky playing. We wish you many, many sunsets with the music you love. 

To the world Nelson Mandela is much more than the former president of South-Africa.

He became father of the whole nation.
Presidents retire - fathers go on caring.

Researching  the internet for the 5 most famous people in the world you will find different nominations but Nelson Mandela is always one of them.
He is one of the most respected people in the world and for countless reasons  a huge hero all of us can learn many lessons from. Mr. Mandela has honorary degrees from more than 50 international universities. He has seen almost everything in his nine decades, from being tortured to becoming president of the country he loves. He retired in 1999 but continued to  help people.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born on the 18 July 1918. As student hewas suspended from college for joining in a protest boycott. At the height of the Second World War a group of 60 young Africans, members of the African National Congress, banded together.  Among them was Nelson Mandela. Their intent was transforming the ANC into a mass movement.

Mandela soon impressed by his disciplined work and consistent effort and in 1950 he was elected to the NEC at national conference.
For the second half of the 'fifties, he was one of the accused in the Treason Trial. With Duma Nokwe, he conducted the defence. 

When the ANC was banned after the Sharpeville massacre in 1960, he went 1961 underground to lead a campaign for a new national convention. 

Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK), the military wing of the ANC, was formed that year. In 1962 Mandela left the country for military training in Algeria and to arrange training for other MK members. 

On his return he was arrested for leaving the country illegally and for incitement to strike. He conducted his own defence. He was convicted and jailed for five years in November 1962. While serving his sentence, he was charged, in the Rivonia trial, with sabotage and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Nelson Mandela's statement from the dock
at the opening of the defence case in the Rivonia Trial
Pretoria Supreme Court, 20 April 1964 ends with these words:

"I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die."

In prison, where he spent 27 years as a political prisoner before becoming the country's first black president, Mr. Mandela never compromised his political principles and was always a source of strength for the other prisoners.

Sharing the dream of the "Adventure Of  Humanity" (1999)

Happy Mandela Day!

Mandela day is a call to action to make the world a better place, one small step at a time.

What will you be doing this year, this month,..this day to make a difference?

Make every day a Mandela day!

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July 11, 2010

Jacksons - Next Generation: Anthony Jackson

Anthony Jackson is a young American actor, singer and songwriter. He's currently working on his first studio album "Anton Classic" to be released this year.

His first single is called "Come To My City" and is out now!

To listen and order from amazon.com click here. For itunes click here.

Also check out this video:
Come to My City - Anthony Jackson & Dancer Brian Woolridge

Anthony's grandfather is Joseph's younger brother. His parents are Tony and Debra Jackson. When Anthony was 7 years old his father Tony passed away. At that time Michael became signifigantly involved in Anthony's life. He is close to family, especially from the next generation.

See Anthony's heartfelt speech at the "Forever Michael" event on June 26, 2010:

Michael and Anthony:

Keep supporting the Jacksons legacy and show some L.O.V.E. for Anthony!

Check him out and stay tuned for the album here:
Homepage: http://www.atonclassic.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/atonclassicofficial
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ATONCLASSIC
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/atonclassicrise

July 8, 2010

Interview with Don Lemon of CNN about " Michael Jackson: The Final Days"

“Michael Jackson: The Final Days”
An Interview with Don Lemon of CNN

The Its All for L.O.V.E Blog team spoke with Don Lemon, CNN anchor, in preparation for the premier of the special report, “Michael Jackson: The Final Days.” The special premiered on CNN on June 25, one year to the day of Michael’s death.

The Don Lemon Interview

“Think about it. Its Michael Jackson. That’s all you need to say.”

Don Lemon, CNN news anchor, said this with a shrug, signaling that there was no need to justify the newsworthiness of the special report on Michael Jackson.

“No other artists have had the same influence as Michael, except the greats like Michelangelo.”

Lemon was preaching to the choir on this one, but it was reassuring to hear a journalist of his stature and influence to say this out loud. He is winner of Emmy and Edward Murrow Awards, and voted onto Ebony’s 2009 Power 150, a list that includes the President of the United States, Barack Obama. The confusion, innuendo and unanswered questions surrounding Michael’s death were strong factors in producing this report.

“There is this mystery about how he died. People feel cheated. That’s why we did this.”

As a journalist, Lemon fulfills his obligation of being impartial in his reporting, but away from the cameras and teleprompters, Lemon admitted that he was influenced by Michael Jackson too.

“Not just Michael, The Jackson 5, The Jacksons, their music was the soundtrack to my youth. If you play a Jackson song, you remember where you were, and it makes me feel like a child again.”

Lemon also reflected on the influence that Michael Jackson had on him in terms of his own career achievements.

“It [his influence] also meant that someone that looked like me could be someone, and not just an entertainer.”

Speaking of being more than an entertainer, Michael himself was more than this. With the elimination of the media circus that surrounded him in life, Michael’s humanitarian work will begin to receive more acknowledgements, in Lemon’s opinion. He sees the Jackson Foundation as positively impacting Michael’s legacy of humanitarianism.

“More people recognize that [humanitarian work] than you would believe. They get it.”

The Special Report

The documentary opens with images that are indelible; a montage of Michael, progressing from an adorable child genius, into a global icon, representing artistic mastery, compassion for the suffering, and a deep connection with his audience. The special then leads into interviews with those engrossed in getting Michael ready for what would have been a concert spectacle unmatched, “This Is It.”

Lemon interviews Michael Bearden, musical director and Travis Payne, choreographer, about Michael’s mental and physical state those last days. Both men recall Michael looking impressive at 50-years old, outperforming dancers more than half his age. Most who have seen the documentary film, “This Is It” would agree, he was poised to remind the rest of the world why he is “The Greatest Entertainer that Ever Lived.” Bearden offered an observation he made the last time he saw Michael alive, one that would transcend this title.

“Michael had a serious glow.”

The report also offers perspectives that may not be popular among those who care about Michael -- AEG CEO, Randy Phillips; and Brian Oxman, who once represented Michael during his legal battles, but now represents Joseph Jackson in a complaint against AEG. Their comments, however unwelcome, may offer clues into what may have happened to him. The most poignant moment came when Lemon interviewed one of Michael’s older brothers, Tito Jackson. He is plainly a big brother, still in mourning, and yet marveling at his talent and gifts given to the world.

“My brother was the baddest brother that ever held the microphone. That boy was BAD.” Tito explains in a wobbly voice.

Though Lemon has no immediate plans for another program, he does see the necessity to follow up on the long-term story of Michael Jackson, his estate, his family’s progression and his children.

“I think I’ll be covering the story for years to come. Let’s see what happens with the complaint against Conrad Murray, and the legacy of the concierge doctors.”

Don Lemon conducted a report that was respectful and merciful of Michael, his family, friends and fans. It is without sensationalism, and delves into painful topics just enough to keep viewers grounded on the heartbreaking realities of Michael’s life. The program concluded with reflections of other artists who love, admire and miss him. Though the program focused on Michael’s “final days,” the longing for him, and his everlasting presence was acknowledged by other music legends.

Smokey Robinson sang it best during the program’s concluding segment.

"I never can say goodbye…" and ending his serenade with "And I won't."

Neither will we Smokey.


July 5, 2010

1 GOAL - Education For All

1GOAL Banner  
Today, 72 million children in the world are denied the chance to go to school. These children could be our next generation’s leaders, sports stars, doctors and teachers. But they face a lifelong struggle against poverty.
It doesn’t have to be this way. Since 2000, 40 million more children are in school. Education beats poverty – and gives people the tools to help themselves.
1GOAL is a campaign seizing the power of football to ensure that education for all is a lasting impact of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Raising our voices all over the world we believe that, together, we can make education a reality for the millions of boys and girls who remain out of school.
“This is our chance to show not just out-of-school children, but our own children, that when we make a promise, we keep it. With your help, we could have billions of fans cheering not just for their teams, but for one team: 1GOAL. This is our moment to shine; we can bring millions of children in from the shadows of ignorance, and light up their lives with the legacy of education.” ~ Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah Co-Founder and Global Co-Chair, 1GOAL
You can help make education for all a reality.
1GOAL is bringing together footballers, fans, charities, corporations and individuals to lobby and achieve our ambitious aim of education for everyone. By joining the 1GOAL team, you can strengthen the campaign’s voice and give us the best possible chance of success.

The text is taken from 1GOAL website

July 3, 2010

It´s all for L.O.V.E: We Had Him - Maya Angelous Poem

Addition of the first and only public reading of Maya Angelous´ beautiful poem she wrote for Michael Jackson after his death.

July 1, 2010

Michael Jackson's magic.

Last Friday was a very sad day for all of us because it was the first anniversary of Michael's death, and when I talk about death I'm just talking on a physical way, because to me, he's spirit is more alive than ever. So I'm sure in every country all the channels were playing Michael's tributes or talking about him. That Friday I tried to avoid the TV and the magazines because it to painful to watch or read. So, instead I spent it with my little niece, she's just four months old and she already loves Michael's music. We spent the day singing, well actually I sang to her, Michael's songs like butterflies, speechless or you're my life, she loves those songs but I think her favorite so far is smile, anyway every time the music started to play she just stayed there listening but when Michael's started to sing, she automatically started to laugh. That's when I realized how magical he was and how alive his spirit is, because I could feel it in my room, around us, singing with us and enjoying that moment and as I saw my little niece could feel it too. And it was an incredible experience, for both of us. And I can be sure of this because she's just a baby and she knows nothing about Michael's life, she doesn't even know who he is, but he loves his music, she enjoys it. when she's upset the only way to calm her down is by playing Michael's songs, that's the only way she stops crying. So how would you call that ?. Well I call it MAGIC, MICHAEL'S MAGIC. His spirit is alive, is with us, and even a baby girl with only four months old can feel it. And I think all of us can feel it too, it's just a matter of believe. That day with her I was so sad and my heart was broken but she taught me a lesson, maybe one of the most important lessons I'll learn in my life, she taught me to leave my pain aside and start to enjoy this new era in my life, an era without Michael physically but with Michael spiritually. It was hard to me and still is not miss the body, but thinking I realized that the body is not important because who we really are is in our souls in our spirit, that's our essence. And that's the Michael I'm starting to enjoy. Until the day I die I'll miss and cry because of his death, but I'll remember the lesson I learnt the day of his first anniversary and to me that was like reborn again. My heart won't heal, not now, not never, but at least it will have some comfort when the pain start.
I love you most everyday Michael, and I love you MJfam and my blog sisters for being there for me and understand this pain like no one does. It's my honor to met you. Thank you!.
L.O.V.E !.