January 1, 2010

DarLINKS: Collection of MJ related articles

This is a collection of articles, essays and interviews that we believe help better understand Michael's influence on society and culture, his impact on musicians and music world, articles that tackle on the media bashing throughout the ages and especially through the trial and other aspects of Michael's life and work.

Michael Jackson - Guilty Until Proven Innocent, by Jeremy H. Bol, BlogCritics Culture

Was Michael Jackson Framed? The Untold Story, by Mary A. Fischer,  GQ (October 1994)

The Persecution of Michael Jackson; by Ishmael Reed

Michael Jackson: America’s Favorite Victim of Racism; by: guest on Voxunion Media

For Black America, Jackson Broke Barriers Long Before 'Thriller', by Wil Haygood Washington Post Staff Writer 

In Defense of M. Jackson's Magic, by: Jean Grae,Voice News

Difference That Exeeded Understanding: Remembering MJ; by Susan Fast

Maybe I´m Wacko, Too by Linda Sharp

Bashir'd but not beaten - by Kathrin Flett, TheObserver

Why my friend Michael is a fine father, by Jonathan Margolis

The World Has Lot Less Magic, by James Montgomery

Work and Soul in Michael Jackson's This Is It (Special Series Part 1 through 4), by Aberjhani ., African-American Art Examiner

Michael Jackson: A Moonwalking Giant Lies Down to Rest (Part 1 & 2), by Aberjhani ., African-American Art Examiner

Conspiracy Of Deceit, by FinalCall.com News

Industry Bigs: Music & Michael, by Chris Yandek for CY Interview

Integrator on Working for Michael Jackson, by Tom Leblanc for CEPro

Michael Jackson: Victim Of Media Money Machine, by Vicky Gholson, Ph.D. for Drums In The Global Village

Pop Star Michael Jackson Influenced Academics, Received PhD, by Jennifer Viegas on Discovery News

Michael Jackson @Voices [Education Project], Various Authors 

Looking at the world through Michael Jackson's left eye (part 1 through 4), by Aberjhani ., African-American Art Examiner

Michael Jackson and Human Nature, by Sandra Sasvari for The Comment Factory

Michael Jackson: Imperfect Icon Who Became America's Global Face, by John Nichols

Jackson Vs. Bashir: The Glove Comes Off, by Linda Sharp


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