September 15, 2011

“Rhythm and Hue”: A Fitting Tribute to MJ

Recently, I came across an awesome work of art by painter/philanthropist David Garibai
At first, I was impressed (mesmerized) by his painting was something I haven't seen before.
                                               The art and the artist speaks for itself!

Looking further into the work of Mr. Garibai, he also has created images in the likeness of President Obama, Bob Marley, Lady GaGa, even Jesus! He also created images to honor the September 11th attacks. Quite impressive to say the least!

David has taken the opportunity to use his craft to help others (sounds like someone we know!) 
He has raised thousands of dollars for various charities and has a vision to help more: you can read more about David, his art and his vision here

As so many of our post conclude, we (IAFL webteam,) hope you, the fans and admirers of Michael Jackson and his legacy will find our post inspiring...encouraging  you to follow your dreams and help others around the world!


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