September 18, 2012

Wisdom Of Life...

On occasion of one of my dearest friends´birthday,
I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to M.
You are a bless in my life.  
May the Lord watch over you and protect you...

"The  deep  wisdom  of  life is  ever  present 
and only asks  to be lived. "

~Michael Jackson

What is LIFE about?

Life is a chance
- take it.

Life is a dream
- make it to come true.

Life is a journey
- see it through to the end.

Life is a challenge
- take it.

Life is a mystery
- disclose the secrets.

Life is wealth
- save it.

Life is LOVE
-enjoy it.

Life also is pain
-get over it.

Life is unique
-enjoy it and fill it with LOVE.


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