December 24, 2012

A Christmas Story

Story of A Little Lisle

A small lisle was very concerned that it was not sufficient, the way it was .

I am too weak for a rope ", it told itself, "and I am too short to become woven to a sweater. I can´t get  tied to others. Pale and colorless as I am I am useless  for embroidery. Oh, if I was made of Lurex, I could decorate a stole or a dress. But I am simply not enough for anything.  Nobody needs me. Nobody likes me - and  at least I can´t like myself. "

While the small lisle played sad music and felt quite dejected in its self-pity, a small pat of wax ran through the cold night, full of desperation.

I am way too small for a big Christmas Candle - and I can´t  warm up anyone.  Pale and colorless as I am, I´m not suitable to decorate a big candle. Oh, what shall I do now? "

When the pat of wax came along the lisle´s house, it knocked at the door, because it was freezing to death.

Seeing the downcasted small lisle,  the wax had an idea and said eagerly:

“Don´t give up yourself. I've got an idea: Let´s stick together. You and me are too short and don´t have enough wax for a big Christmas candle but we are good enough for a small candle."

And so the two got together and were happy.

Let us never give up to try to kindle a light instead of complaining about the darkness...

Christmas is that time of the year to remember family and friends in gratitude for all the light and warmth they have brought into our lifes all over the year. Their love is a reflection of the Lord´s  neverending love for all of us and reminds us to keep the faith and to go on to spread love.

Merry Christmas
to you and your family.

Thank you for your support
and the L.O.V.E YOU put into the world. 



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