January 22, 2013

Children's Day January 22nd, 2013 : Be Not Always

The beginning of the year renews our hopes, has us list resolutions, what we have achieved and redesign our plans in order to reach the goals we set. World just seams brighter and possibilities multiplied, time and space seam to widen up. For some of us.
For many even the next day is distant and for it to exist depends on brutal arbitrary actions and a narrow possibility to receive help.
Thinking about today and what to choose for our team's post for our Children's Day, this song came into my head - "Be Not Always". The song is written by Michael and Marlon Jackson and appeared on The Jacksons' album Victory.
It might seam dark but I though of it in the context of New Year's resolutions.
Aristotle said that the "whole is greater that the sum of its parts", or if you prefer, as Kurt Koffka said "the whole is other than the sum of its parts". So our individual or collective actions won't get us any time soon to solving the problems but keeping the efforts up and continuing to use the resources we have available in trying to help those who need it, at home or overseas, will make a difference.
I hope for more but for now I think the message in the song might be a realistic goal.

"Be Not Always"
by Michael Jackson, Marlon Jackson

Always, be not always
And if always
Bow our heads in shame
Always, please be not always
And if always
Bow our heads in blame
'Cause time has made promises
Just promises

Faces, did you see their faces
Did they touch you
Have you felt such pain
To have nothing
To dream something
Then lose hoping
Is not life but lame
But time has made promises
Just promises

Mothers cry, babies die
Helplessly in arms
While rockets fly
And research lies
In progress to become
But what of men
Of flesh and blood
We turn our backs on life
How can we claim to stand for peace
When the races are in strife
Destroying life

Always, be not always
But if always
Bow our heads in shame
Always, please, please be not always
'Cause if always
Bow our heads in blame
'Cause time, time has made promises
Death promises


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