June 25, 2013

Remembering Michael Jackson

...13.447 roses via @OneRose4MJJ for Michael
each rose a symbol for a loving heart
all together a sea of L.O.V.E

As many of you will be aware, today is the 4th anniversary of Michael Jackson's passing.
He is gone - but not forgotten.
He is gone - but he left his love with us.
He is gone - but will be with us in spirit as long as we remember him....
Today is a very special day to remember Michael Jackson and all the LOVE and joy he has brought through the years.

"Let us celebrate the joy of life
and you and I were never separate
it´s just an illusion
wrought by the magical lens of perception
Heaven is here
Right now, this moment of Eternity
Don´t fool yourself
Reclaim your Bliss"

~Michael Jackson

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