December 23, 2013

Love Is Ours

Once upon a time ...

... ages ago, preciseley at this time of the year an angel was sent to earth. He wanted mankind to remember the real important things in life.
He gave them three gifts:
Warmness, contemplativeness and L.O.V.E.
People were given three days to accept the gifts.

Three days on which business as usual fell silent, people came  closer and the world seemed to be covered with a peaceful blanket. The angel looked with satisfaction at his work.
From this time  people should get this gift every year.
These special days  were named Christmas.
(credits to an unkonwn author; transmitted from memory)

The Its-All-For-Love-Team wants to thank you for constantly supporting our blog and for never getting tired to bring your love into the world.

 Merry Christmas –  and a happy new year all our brothers and sisters around the word.
 May the spririt of Christmas rule all over the next year.



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