June 21, 2014

June 20 - World Refugee Day

For the first time since World War II, the number of forced displaced people as a result of conflicts and persecution has surpassed 50 million.
51.2 million refugees at the end of 2013, 6 million more than in the previous year.
The UNHCR report, presented yesterday in Geneva, underlines the human tragedy caused by war.
The data shows that for the past 20 years the number of people forcefully displaced has not dropped under 30+ million.


The Syrian war is the main factor of the 6 million increase in the number of refugees since 2012, showing the full extension of the tragedy caused by the violence.


During 2013, 32,200 people per day were forced to leave their homes and search for protection in other parts of their countries or abroad.


25,300 asylum applications were lodged in 2013 by unaccompanied or separated children in 77 countries.


50% of the refugees in 2013 were children under the age of 18

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