July 22, 2010

Children´s Day: Songlyrics from B. Wegener

Every child needs L.O.V.E
M. Jackson with his son Prince M.

Instead of growing up surrounded by loving and caring parents,many children have to suffer lack of education, lack of respect, lack of caring, lack of love.
Violence against Children needs a global effort to paint a detailed picture of the nature, extent and causes of violence against children, and to propose clear recommendations for action to prevent and respond to it. 
The background of the  lyrics below is the daily experienced domestic violance - which still is a dark horse...
Let us not get blind for this kind of child abuse but takie it as a call for action  and  a call for giving our L.O.V.E whenever we see any kind of violance against a child.


Tiny hands, with tiny fingers 
Never beat them, otherwise they break

Tiny feet, with tiny toes
Never step on them, otherwise they can’t walk

Tiny ears, keen and you permit
Never shout at them, otherwise they become deaf

Beautiful mouths, speak out everything
Never stop them talking, for they´ll fall silent at all.

Clear eyes which yet see everything
Never bandage, otherwise they´ll not understand anything

Tiny souls, open and totally free
Never do any pain to them, for they´ll break apart

Tiny spine, hardly can be seen
Never  bow it, ... for it will break.

Straight clear persons would be an ambitious aim
People without spine, we’ve already got a lot.

(Songlyrics from B. Wegener, 
translated from German into English)




mike1909 said...

It's incredible how many children grow up without love.
We should increase our efforts to trying to stop violence against children.
Unless we create a better present for them we will have a dark future.

yogadancer7 said...

the video was so touching--those little feet--we must take care of our children--how frightening that our economy is threatening them and their education. thank you for the post-we must not forget......

jack y sally said...

Hello, I ended up here just sailing. I love the post, i love the phrase "Tiny souls, open and totally free
Never do any pain to them, for they´ll break apart" I thing it's so important. Hope much more people read your post.

Cassarah said...

@mike1909, @yogadancer and @jack y sally:

Thank you so much for your words. They mean a lot to me and warmed up my heart. :)

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