July 1, 2010

Michael Jackson's magic.

Last Friday was a very sad day for all of us because it was the first anniversary of Michael's death, and when I talk about death I'm just talking on a physical way, because to me, he's spirit is more alive than ever. So I'm sure in every country all the channels were playing Michael's tributes or talking about him. That Friday I tried to avoid the TV and the magazines because it to painful to watch or read. So, instead I spent it with my little niece, she's just four months old and she already loves Michael's music. We spent the day singing, well actually I sang to her, Michael's songs like butterflies, speechless or you're my life, she loves those songs but I think her favorite so far is smile, anyway every time the music started to play she just stayed there listening but when Michael's started to sing, she automatically started to laugh. That's when I realized how magical he was and how alive his spirit is, because I could feel it in my room, around us, singing with us and enjoying that moment and as I saw my little niece could feel it too. And it was an incredible experience, for both of us. And I can be sure of this because she's just a baby and she knows nothing about Michael's life, she doesn't even know who he is, but he loves his music, she enjoys it. when she's upset the only way to calm her down is by playing Michael's songs, that's the only way she stops crying. So how would you call that ?. Well I call it MAGIC, MICHAEL'S MAGIC. His spirit is alive, is with us, and even a baby girl with only four months old can feel it. And I think all of us can feel it too, it's just a matter of believe. That day with her I was so sad and my heart was broken but she taught me a lesson, maybe one of the most important lessons I'll learn in my life, she taught me to leave my pain aside and start to enjoy this new era in my life, an era without Michael physically but with Michael spiritually. It was hard to me and still is not miss the body, but thinking I realized that the body is not important because who we really are is in our souls in our spirit, that's our essence. And that's the Michael I'm starting to enjoy. Until the day I die I'll miss and cry because of his death, but I'll remember the lesson I learnt the day of his first anniversary and to me that was like reborn again. My heart won't heal, not now, not never, but at least it will have some comfort when the pain start.
I love you most everyday Michael, and I love you MJfam and my blog sisters for being there for me and understand this pain like no one does. It's my honor to met you. Thank you!.
L.O.V.E !.


Anonymous said...

oh so perfect! I just love this post and agree wholeheartedly! We are embarking on a new relationship-it can be difficult--but at the same time, it is beautiful! i know we are still experiencing so much sorrow--so thank you, Gime Vacarezza, for reminding us! Love, yogadancer7

mike1909 said...

Thank you so much.
Such a beautiful story.
Magic indeed

Cassarah said...

"I can be sure of this because she's just a baby and she knows nothing about Michael's life, she doesn't even know who he is, but he loves his music."
Yes, that´s IT.... first he touches us with his music, later with his dance, his perfomances, his lyrics, his personality.

Thank you so much for sharing this story. I am convinced that we have to learn a lot from children to become the person we really are.

doublebeee said...

Lovely, just lovely. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

MJ Magic all around! YEAH!

BeGodsGlow said...

Beautiful, thanks for sharing <3

Mrs.Blondie said...

Wow.. I could really recognize myself in this. I have a cousin who's 6, and I play Michael's music to her. Once when she wanted be to read her a bedtime story, and I was too tired to do so, I played Heal The World for her. She fell asleep and slept tight.
She can't speak english or understand english, but when I and my cousin who's 13, watched Moonwalker, she saw it with us. Even if she didn't understand, she said she loved it. When I did the moonwalk, she wanted to know it too.
Also, when I and my cousin watch his music videos, she always watches them with us. And I can see her fashination in her eyes. She smiles.
And it's all because of Michae's magic.

Gime Vacarezza, I agree with everything you wrote.
It's an honour for me too, to know all of you.
May God bless you all.
I love you.

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