September 3, 2010

Some of the TT's from Michael's Birthday by his family, friends, and celebrities

this is from @Fabtasticbaby (Laura Mott) she took the time to put together all the TT's from Michael's birthday from his family, friends and celebrities I thought it was awesome so I reposted it here thanks Laura!! :)

If you post this anywhere could you please credit the page :) thankyou ♥

By Genevieve Jackson (Michael's Niece)

- #messagetoMJ my cousins & i went 2 neverland 2 visit uncle michael & had a candy fight on the seadragon ofcourse uncle threw the most candy.

- #HappyBirthdayMJ I Love you Uncle Michael!

- #MessagetoMJ Always threw my bday parties at Neverland, thanks Uncle Michael for allowing me to do that. Best Birthdays EVER!

- Uncle Michael always called me "Randy with a Wig on" #MessagetoMj

- #messagetomj thank you for teaching us how to love mother earth and one another...thank u for being the light

By Taj Jackson (Michael's Nephew)

- #MessageToMJ I promise to spoil my 3 cousins w/ the same love & joy that you spoiled us. Take care of my mom up there. I love you more.

- #MessageToMJ Thank you uncle Michael for leaving your music and legacy with us. We will take care of both with pride.

- #MessageToMJ There will never be another person who genuinely loved his fans as much as you did. Today, they are showing that love back.

By Jackie Jackson (Michael's Brother)

- We have to keep trying to make the world a better place #MessageToMJ

- Because of the messages in your music , we all make better choices in our lives today #MessageToMJ

- #MessageToMJ my favorite short film you did is "Ghosts"! Love the choreography & of course your performance of so many different characters

- #MessageToMJ I remember how one day the snake escaped & we were so scared, especially Toya, Janet & Mother

- #MessageToMJ I remember how in the 80's you turned Hayvenhurst into a mini-zoo, with giant snakes, llamas, tigers, parrots and monkeys :)

- #MessageToMJ You would be so proud of your 3 children right now, they carry on your spirit with so much pride... I love and miss you!

By Marlon Jackson (Michael's Brother)

- Mike words will never express the hole left 4 me, my kids & the world. Our bond is unbreakable. My 1st #messagetoMJ is.. I LOVE YOU MORE

- My 2nd #messagetoMJ is #HappyBirthdayMJ always my little brother! I miss you. Study Peace,Marlon J

By Omer Bhatti

- #MessageToMJ LOVE YOU FOREVER. I dedicate today and every other day in my life to you. "Big Blankets" #HappyBirthdayMJ RT

- #MessageToMJ Thank you for all the wisdom and knowledge.

- #MessagetoMj I remember u said that the world would appreciate Invincible more later.You were right: Album Of The Decade

- #MessageToMJ I was just a kid, but I remember so vividly when u gave me the nickname "Lil Monkey" I guess it will stick with me forever =)

By Austin Brown (Michael's Nephew)

- I'm so happy to see everyone celebrating the life of my loving uncle Michael #messagetomj

- I want to share one of my favorite stories about my uncle #messagetomj ...

- My Uncle was the most thoughtful person in my life and always managed to bring a little bit of magic into my (cont) (<>

By Jodi Gomes

- #messagetoMJ - I Never Can Say Goodbye, is my first of many thoughts @tajjackson3

- #messagetoMJ @1992 saw u record at Larrabee. Dancing & sweating u kept changing clothes "Smelly" & said "If it don't stink, it aint funky"

- #messagetoMJ I'm sorry for the pain inflicted on you.Id take it away if I could, but will make sure Prince Paris Blanket only see the good

- #messagetoMJ your music & presence endured my whole life. many things 2 say in only 140 words. Let's start with one word L.O.V.E - pls RT

- #messagetoMJ to whom much is given, much is required. U carried an enormous gift of LOVE, HUMANITY & TALENT.thx for sharing with the world.

- My Message to MJ... hope you can open it. -

- @7:33pm PST will tweet my last convo with MJ from June 23rd & share with world. Finally Feels good to speak bout it w/out tears (I will post when Jodi has tweeted the story)

By Teddy Riley

- This is such a special day. I'm wishing my brother a Happy birthday. Michael, today is your day. Yesterday I was called to work on your lp!!

- I know this is you sending down you blessing for me to be on the project. And of course I am honored to be working with you my big brother.

- I can't wait to put my heart and soul on the new MJ project. This is it...Dangerous was the last biggest selling MJ lp. I am proud & bless.

- Michael, Sisqo, and me.

- Randy Jackson (Michael's Brother) - I will be at Forest Lawn today between 3:00 and 3:30pm.

- Donte Jackson (Michael's Nephew) - #MessageToMJ Thank u for teaching us the true meaning of unconditional love.ur light will illuminate our souls 4ever. i am loving you,always

- Randy Jackson Jr (Michael's Nephew) - Happy Bday uncle michael miss and love you.

- TJ Jackson (Michael's Nephew) - #MessageToMJ I will forever live my life trying to make you proud. You have made me who I am. Love you forever!!! Love you, Uncle Michael!

- Orianthi (TII Guitarist) - Remembering the awesome entertainer and person we all loved on his b'day today.

- Lenny Kravitz - Happy Birthday Michael. I feel your spirit here with me as I am working on a new version of our track. Lenny ( <>

- Kendall Jenner - #happybirthdaymj !!! we all miss you!!!

- Kris Jenner - To Michael Jackson, Thank You for such generosity to our family and we will never forget all of our memories at Neverland! #MessageToMJ RT!

- Khloe Kardashian - To Michael: thank you for letting us throw birthday parties at Never Land! We miss you! #MessageToMJ

- Kim Kardashian - #messagetoMJ We miss you Michael Some of my fondest memories are at Neverland Ranch

(Between Kim & Taj - There's no place like Neverland RT @TajJackson3 -@KimKardashian Thanks Kim for your #MessageToMJ. I remember those Neverland days well.)

- Kourtney Kardashian - Thank you for changing the world in so many ways. #MessageToMJ ... You are the only person I have ever met and felt "star struck" because you are larger than life, your presence is powerful. #MessageToMJ.

- Keri Hilson - He's the perfect example of using ur God given talents, fulfilling ur purpose & leaving ur mark on all humanity. ...

- Marlon Wayans - #happybirthdayMJ 4 all the times we 4got 2 say it, 4 all the times we took u 4 granted, 4 all the love u put out. Happy bday love u. .... Did u tell MJ happy bday? In the immortal words of @KevinHart4real Say wit ya chest nigga!

- MJ's Bodyguards - Today we celebrate Who Mr. Jackson is, Not who he was. #MessageToMJ We will Honor you in Death as we did in life! Much luv Mr. Jackson...RIP, Bill, BJ, Mike.

- Kenny Ortega - May His Smile continue to light our days, His Laughter ring through our ears and His Heart Dwell in ours. Long Live the King! L.O.V.E. TOY

- Timor Steffens (TII Dancer) - Happy Bday #Michaeljackson we love u!!! RT 2 spread L.O.V.E.

- Jordin Sparks - #happybirthdayMJ #messagetoMJ You still ARE the King of Pop. Thanks for inspiring me & countless others to reach beyond the stars. <3

- George Lopez - Happy Birthday to The King of Pop .. Michael Jackson .. you continue to inspire #MessagetoMJ

- Brandy - You are and forever will be the GREATEST!!!!! #messagetomj

- James Bourne (Busted) - greatest memory of my childhood is Wembley at the Dangerous tour watching you explode on to the stage! never forget it <3>

- Justin Bieber - Happy Birthday to the best that ever did it....the greatest entertainer of all time...and my hero and inspiration. #HappyBdayMJ RIP ... #messagetomj thank u 4 giving me and so many others inspiration and dreams. Ur the greatest that ever did it and ever will do it. Ur my hero

- Scooter Braun - to the legend who changed my life and the one man I will wish but never get to meet. Thank u for everything - #happybirthdayMJ

- Neyo - HAPPY BDAY TO THE MAN THAT MADE MY CAREER POSSIBLE!!! The late, the great, the legendary MJ. We miss you like crazy.....

- Boyz II Men - Happy BDay MJ! Miss u so much man! Thanx for the inspiration, the music, and the advice, something we will always cherish!!

- Pleasure Ellis - Dear Michael Jackson. Thank you for teaching me to Love and care for People. I will always truly Love you Unconditionally. Happy Birthday. (thanks @Sashapanda)

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Please feel free to add more from fans, family, whoever :) I've definitely missed some


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