August 7, 2011

Remembering Michael in CA

"Because of Michael...." I've thought of many ways to start this blog and I couldn't think of a better way. I have said so many things over the years where that phrase has came in. In writing these blog posts I'm sure you know most of them. I have a new one to add to the list. Because of Michael, I met some of the most amazing girls in California & I had an experience I will never forget. Last June I heard about people going to L.A. for what is known as an MJ week. I said to myself next year I am going to that! And I did, and it changed my life forever. it was 10 days I will never forget. I wanted to share it with you all as well.

Hollywood, CA -click on link to see pictures

I've wanted to go to Hollywood since I was 15. It was everything I dreamed it would be! This amazing place where you just feel famous. Walking on Hollywood Blvd, seeing the Hollywood sign, it was just a dream come true. I want to start with the absolute best thing. I know many of you reading this helped with the campaign to put Michael's name back on his Elementary school. We all worked so hard to get it uncovered and our hard work paid off as it was. I got to see it! Walking over to that auditorium and seeing his name back on it made me smile. It was an amazing feeling, such happiness I can't even describe. It was a victory when I found out that it was going to be uncovered. And to see it was just the best feeling in the world. I couldn't stop smiling, We all had done that, for Michael and there it was for everyone to see Michael's name back where it was supposed to be! It should have never got covered but it is now uncovered and it was awesome! I also got to see, unfortunately didn't get to go in it, the Pantages it was where Michael filmed You Are Not Alone, and even from the outside that place was impressive :) Going up to Michael's star was so cool! That was the first place we went on the first day of the trip, it's like we were drawn to it. We had to find his star! :) Of course it was easy to find & amazing to see! I also got to see Elizabeth Taylors star & many others, though I only got photos of certain ones :) The house you see in this album is the Thriller house, the one that was used in the Thriller video, looks very nice by the light of day and with no zombies crashing through it (haha!) We went to the courthouse where Michael was vindicated from those awful charges & we took a picture with a huge Justice For Michael Jackson banner. There was a prayer circle done at the courthouse, it was emotional but after there was a sense of peace & love. To be with others who knew Michael's message, I cannot begin to tell you how peaceful and joyous it was. Knowing these other people understand without even having to speak to each other. Incredible. On June 25th they had a flash mob at the Graff Lab in L.A. These groups came up and performed and were amazing! I have video of a few of the best ones on my youtube and i will post a link to it at the end of this section. There was a huge mural painted behind us while we were there of MJ it was awesome! I also got to be interviewed for a documentary this guy was doing about Michael. The whole thing was simply amazing. Again so much love was there. So many people together to celebrate his life and his music. We painted on our cars, things like MJ rocks! and as you can see on my car my friend Kim put Michael, You Are Not Alone. So many people took pictures of our cars I am sure i will see it somewhere else eventually :) One of the hardest places to go to was Carolwood, the last place Michael lived. The place he passed in. I cried as soon as I saw the gates, I couldn't control it. Words cannot even begin to describe the hurt I felt standing there knowing that it was the last place Michael was alive. I won't go into anymore about that, as I don't want to depress anyone plus I know every MJ fan reading this knows exactly how I feel.
Videos from The MJ Flash Mob

Neverland in pictures
Going to Neverland....was a dream come true! I was most excited for this day. I knew we weren't going to get past the gates, unfortunately that's not possible at the moment, but just to be there was exciting. Let me try to describe it. I know why Michael wanted to move up there. Why he loved it so much. Even at the gates and going up to it. It was just an incredible feeling of peace. The place was so beautiful. The mountains surrounding it were amazing. It was just so calm and peaceful there. And to see all the love left by fans at the gates. From places all over the world. It just touched me because even though I knew Michael touched lives from all over the world, to see it, to see Germany, France, Ireland etc all together side by side, it was lovely. I got to meet some more incredible people from all over. We got to sit and enjoy each others company and talk about Michael. Talk about what he did for us. There were some cool stories from fans who either got to meet him, or actually got to go in Neverland :) There was this cute little guy who danced for us showing that MJ touched and reached ALL generations (for a video of him just go to my youtube channel ). There was also a bike there by a man named Porkchop. He was the sweetest guy and the bike he made was incredible as you can see in the pictures! The best part of Neverland...the supersoaker fight!!!! Yes, we had one. We had planned this for months knowing we were going to Neverland it was obvious we had to have a supersoaker fight! I think Michael said it best "When you come to Neverland you're bound to get wet" It was the best day ever! We had a blast! And there was the cutest little guy up there and he got involved in our fight, I know we made his day and that just made me even more happy. I will never forget the day I had at Neverland :)
supersoaker fight caught on camera!

Disney pictures
We went to Disneyland for Global MJ Day. And let me just say I felt like a kid again! I had up until that moment NEVER been to Disneyland and so it brought out the kid in me! I was so excited I didn't know what to do. Again I got to meet so many MJ fans, they were all over! We knew each other by our shirts and our gloves and of course the fedoras! :) Since I had never been to Disney, I never got to see Captain EO as it was meant to be seen, in 3D! Waiting in the group to see it the first time I was bouncing around like a kid. I couldn't wait! And of course it was the most epic thing I've seen! It was made in 1986 and STILL is better then things made today in my opinion! I loved the message of love and how it will change the world. It's a message I think is more relevant in today's society then it was back then. Young kids need to see this show, they need to know this message. With so much bullying and hatred in the world maybe just maybe this film can help in some way open peoples eyes. We ended up seeing Captain EO 6 times it was one of the most fun days I've had in a long time!

Forest Lawn
Forest Lawn pictures

I saved this one for the end because I had to gather my feelings on how I could write about this. This is a place I wish with all my heart I didn't have to be at. How I wished we could have went to L.A. and had all this fun without knowing Michael was here. When planning this trip I struggled almost everyday with "could I go?" , "could I handle this?" I know there are some people who couldn't. A couple of my fellow sisters who run this blog said they didn't think they could do it. I didn't want June 25th to come again, I still can't believe it's been 2 years since we lost Michael. This man, I know I've said it in other blogs, but he changed my life in so many ways. I don't think I would be the person I am today without him. He changed the world and I hope he knew that. I hope he realized how many people he touched in his life. How many lives were changed or saved because of him. We went to Forest Lawn a couple days before the 25th because we knew we wouldn't get much time on the 25th. All of us wanted to spend a little quiet time, with each other. I left behind some messages I was asked to leave and then we sat there. I can't describe how much it hurt sitting there, knowing Michael was in there and knowing he shouldn't be. I cried so much. It was so very emotional but I felt I had to do it. I had to say goodbye, I had to pay my respects to the man who changed my life forever. We left feeling tired and sad. On the 25th we went back, I had donated some of the roses in the One Rose For Michael, and I wanted to see them. Going back I had a heavy heart. I knew I HAD to be there. I had to do this. When we came over the hill and I saw all the flowers all the banners and signs I was amazed. There were people singing one of Michael's songs in a group and there was this amazing feeling of love there. Walking around and looking at all the flowers and cards and signs left by fans from all over the world again made me realize how much he touched others lives. I realized his message would never die not as long as we spread it. All the fans, we'll keep Michael's legacy alive. Seeing all those banners and flowers, I can't describe and I'm sorry if I'm doing a bad job at describing this whole experience but words fail me on this. I can say I left feeling a sense of peace. I had gotten to pay my respects to Michael, I had gotten to lay flowers down, to leave the messages from my dear friends and from myself and I felt at peace.

Thank you all so much for reading this blog, I hope I described my experiences in a way where you got to know a little of what it was like to be there too :) All I can say in closing is this was a trip of a lifetime. It changed my life forever and I'm so glad I was able to go


Claude C Kenni said...

Thank you, for all your hard work...Michael sure will be happy up there =)

mike1909 said...

Thank you Kiki for sharing with us all the emotions and experiences from your trip!
Love and hugs!

Cassarah said...

A heartfelt THANK YOU from me too, Kiki!!

"Because of you" , your article and all of your photos you give us the chance to join you ladies on this special trip -in spirit.
THANK YOU also for taking our webteam´s messages and a bouquet to Michael at FL. (The pictures with the (4.500) red roses are amazing!! Such a beautiful Facebook- group- project "One Rose For Michael" from fans.)

So much love from all over the world...

Malcy said...

Thank you.

mealloveragain said...

hi there. I also became MJ fan.unfortunately it was only when he see, that was the only time he captured my attention.then i started reading and watching everything i can find about him. I was touched and sad about how his life had become. he had been misjudged by many. It is so sad he died. he was about to have a concert on its way but he isnt there anymore to perform. :(

by the way, i would like to endorse my blog.its new so it does not contain much.but i hope you'd take a bit of your time to look around. :)

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