June 25, 2012

3 years/Legacy

"A thousand years from now, when the history of popular music is examined, no single performer will be as remembered and as celebrated as Michael Jackson. Its rare for a child performer to be successful in his adult career and then still that career to take off into the stratosphere as Michael’s did. And at the close of the century he has sold more records around the world than any single artist in the history of the medium….. His influentual song ‘We Are The World’ and his international ‘Heal The World Foundation’ are just two of his many charitable efforts that have raised millions of dollars for hundreds of important causes. Simply put Michael Jackson’s influence on entertainment, on charity and in fact on our entire culture is absolutely immeasurable. As we enter the 21st century we can look forward to even more outstanding achievements in music and feature films from this incredibly talented artist. It’s been a privilege to witness Michael’s dazzling journey over the years which has transformed him from a singer to a superstar and from a charming little boy to a dignified man.”
HRH Prince Albert of Monaco at the World Music Awards 2000

What I felt 3 years ago at the news of Michael passing away it is easy to express (now) but still hard to explain. It wasn't just that my favorite singer/musician/artist has died and I would not be able to see him perform or have the opportunity to enjoy a new album or a new video or a new movie.
It was a loss at a personal level, and I know this is the exact point that people will use to argue the crazy nature of Michael Jackson fans, call it mass hysteria, but this is the truth.  I/we lost someone who has deeply influenced my/our life, someone who has stood as a guiding example and who has given me/us so much joy and has shared his vision and love with the world even throughout his hardest hours. 
And it is the love and the joy that still raises above the pain, the sorrow, the grief and whatever dirt some still try to throw at him. 

3 years after the feelings for me have not changed and are still intense. But the love and the joy prove stronger and give me strength.

In this 3 years I also got confirmations on some wandering thoughts.

No one will ever be able to release a new Michael Jackson album and as far as music is concerned this is an incalculable loss. His creativity and knowledge of what it makes a great song cannot be duplicated.
Unless there is work somewhere completed by Michael we will never have a new Michael Jackson album. As we know there are a lot of demos and songs he was working on and I am looking forward to hearing them just not altered by other producers and artists (as wonderful musicians as they might be and brilliant as some of them are, no disrespect intended).
With the release of Bad 25th anniversary issue I think that the Michael Jackson Estate is moving in the right direction. 

Michael's influence goes beyond music and reached deep into our culture (worldwide). You can find here a collection of articles that will show exactly that. His work ethic, his actions, his words have and continue to inspire and challenge boundaries.

A lot has been said about Michael's legacy. Discussions caught between color arguments, album sales, chart positions, trials, videos, next MJ, tributes, deals, his public persona, tours and live performances, movies and what could have been.
And few mention about Michael Jackson and mostly outside the news stream.
His life work, his artistry is and will continue to be a blueprint for generations of artists to come.

If we talk about Michael Jackson the private person, then his children, their action and the way they conduct themselves, his family, his friends, people who have worked with him talk of this amazing, gentle, smart, generous and grounded person he was.

But the most important aspect of his legacy is the message of love he tried to spread across the world. And influenced by example and the love he shared with the world, his fan base has grown into this wonderful community, who in many instants acts and reacts like a family offering love and support to one another.

His music will go on and live forever. But the most amazing part of his legacy lives through this wonderful people, some of them I have the privilege to call friends, who are working towards making this world a better place.

A Million Trees For Michael
who at the time when this post is written have raised funds to plant 25400 trees and are continuously advocating for love and unity.

Michael Jackson's Legacy
who in less then 10 months have managed to gather support and funds to start working on Everland Children's Home, situated in a slum district on the outskirts of Monrovia, Liberia

a collective effort that grew from the spontaneous outpouring of love on June 2009 taht aimsto honor Michael's memory and legacy that transformed a corner of Munich and created an amazing place for people from all over the world to meet, reflect and find ways together to continue Michael's charitable work.
As a result a association was founded.

a project aimed at promoting love and support within the fan community and around the world and at raising awareness and support for various charities.

 And these are just very few of the examples.
I know there are many more and I would love to learn about them so I can add to this list.

"Michael, you are, and will forever be the thread of velvety voice, so intricately woven into the fabric of the soundtrack of my life. Your music, talent, heart and soul has touched every cell of my being. More than enough to last a lifetime.
You are magic. And I will miss you.
May your vibrant soul rest in eternal peace.
You changed my life, and for that I will love you forever."

AKA "Miss Gayree"


Cassarah said...

"Your music, talent, heart and soul has touched every cell of my being. More than enough to last a lifetime.[...]"

There´s nothing to add what Miss Gayree has perfectly worded.
Thank you so much for posting,@mike1909.

Claude C Kenni said...

In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.

~Michael Jackson~

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