December 13, 2009

The Memorial Booklet

Source: The golden Memorial Booklet, cover.

                               "To the world Michael is an icon.
                                To me Michael is family.
                                He will forever live in all of our hearts.
                                I miss you Mike and I love you.

Michael, I recall you sitting on a chair in your bedroom staring ar the television watching the 1980 Grammy Awards show, crying to me because you only hab won one Grammy Award and you said, ´Watch La Toya, my next record I´m going to sell more records and win more Grammys than anyone in the history of music... I will be the biggest and greatest entertainer of all time´.

    You began to write that dream all troughout your bedroom, on the walls, on the mirrows, in your books and anywhere else you could find space. You strated working much harder, creating sounds in songs that the world had never heard before, you started dancing until you literally collapse. When most artists were trying to learn how to sing and to do a two-step, you were singing and moonwalking. You took your dream to a much higher level and turned it into a reality, a reality of over 100 million records sold on the next album, ´Thriller`. You thereafter continued to turn every one of your dreams into reality, while inspiring the world and becoming the most recognizable, the most well-known and the most loved person in the entire world.

    You´ve lived your dream, you´ve proven to us all that if you believe, you will achieve; you believed, and oh my, did you achieve! What you´ve accomplished is astounding-no one can ever possibly follow! Your dreams were so incredible that it made the world a much happier place to live, and the world wouldn´t let you rest because they demanded your dreams to transport them to another place!

    You´ve done your work here Michael, you´ve entertained us for decades and there´s nothing else that you can prove or accomplish here on earth. You tought us how to laugh, how to love and how to believe. God has now called for you to come home, collect your wings and to fulfill your demands in Heaven and continue your magic amongst the angels.

Mike I love you deeply and I can´t wait to see you perform again.

              Keep the magic going!!!
               La Toya"

Michael,your legacy will last forever. You are a true genius and you will be missed deeply by all who knew and those who never met you.
I´m so blessed to have known such a wonderful person and I loook forward to
seeing you again in Heaven.

Thank you for the many years of memories!

(Jeffré Philipps)
Source:  The golden Memorial Booklet, page 1. 

     Starting out in Gary, we were brothers who enjoyed music; we had no idea of what was to come. My memories of us as a family? Michael running through the house –no one could catch Michael, he was always on his feet. I watched as we moved from Gary to Los Angeles, from singing in clubs to filling stadiums. My brother Michael was always pushing it to the sky, as far as it could go. Michael put his heart and his soul into his music, his family and into his his work of alway helping others.

      My brother developed a shoe that showed resistance to gravity. What a man! Michael gave so much to the world; people didn´t understand his pain when the world started taking it back. He built a home that would provide a place where children who were ill and paralyzed could come find peace, enjoy the outside air and watch movies.

      My brother is in the Guinness Book of World Records for giving laege portions of donations to numerous charities. He gave and he never thought twice. I watched the light in Michaels eyes fade as he faced trials and tribulations for being misunderstood. Michael kept going with a smile and a grace of simply keeping what he stands for and believes in. Michael hast left me and my brothers a lagacy, a pert of us being part of history. I am proud to be his big brother, I am proud to have watched his talent succeed above all!

I love him. 
Michael is with me always. 
We will carry the light 
and make the light shine again 
for Michael 
and the world. Tito

                                    Source: the golden Memorial Booklet, page 2.

Source: the golden Memorial Booklet, filled with pictures of Michael Jackson with various celebrities and political figures, page 3.

Words on this picture: "My friend is gone and my heart is broken. I will concentrate now on the friendship, the laughter, the practical jokes...and will forever honor his requests and make sure I live up to them.´
Love, Frank
Aka Uncle Tookie

From the deepest part of my heart, dearest Michael, I know that your soul is now resting in Devine love...embrassed by the purity of love eternal. In our hearts as one voice we will strive to honor your memory, support your legacy
and your precious family while we weep with breaking and bleeding hearts.
I love you more...

Uncle Michael ,I can´t even begin to express how important you have been in my life.You will ALWAYS be a huge part of who I am now and what I will become in the future. I love you, Applehead.

Source: The golden Memorial Booklet, Page 4


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