December 16, 2009

Michael Jackson - This Is It (directed by Spike Lee)

Michael Jackson - This Is It (Directed by Spike Lee) from VJ Bobo on Vimeo.

Special Thanks to Mr. Spike Lee and his team for this wonderful short film.

First thanks for creating this beautiful film with its moving
end and second for making it a gift for anyone.

When asking for the permission to embed the video
into this blog, his webteam sent this message:

"Mr. Lee says, "Feel free to send my THIS IS IT
to the 4 Corners of The World."

Thank you so much, Mr. Lee, may all the kindness
and LOVE you spread around always come back to you.

For further information please visit:


L.O.V.E-Team said...

Thank you for saving the Stop Hatin´-sign as picture!!!

Mike and I loved it all at once and while talking about it, we realised that we could need many, many Stop-signs with this addition as a reminder.
We will at least not be able to arrange as many STOP HATIN´-signs as our world would need ....but maybe there will another way (and maybe more than just one) to remind people that LOVE is important and Hatin´is a one-way-road.

angelaroundus said...

I know that Spike Lee is considered controversial, because when he speaks,he's not afraid to "take it to the end of the line." I've always admired his writing and film direction. This is simply wonderful. Thank you Mr. Lee!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad we are standing up for love. Michael said "We have to STOP" We do have to stop hating, cause in the end only love will matter. Yay for the blog!

Anonymous said...

Note: I am won't show so I'm "anonymous" Love the blog anyway

doublebeee said...

GREAT!!! I loved Spike Lee before because of his movies and his straightness. But after all he's done for MJ tribute-wise, he has an eternal place in my heart! Thank you Spike a.k.a. Mr. Lee!

"You've got to STOP it yourself..." MJ

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