April 13, 2010

Michael Jackson and his impact on my life

This is probably the hardest piece of writing I ever did - it's been almost a year since i started writing it and it's still unfinished. I don't think it will ever be. 
As I said before ( http://tinyurl.com/y75mmbb ) I don't believe Michael was anything less then human 
or anything more.
I'll take a turn here and say this - I think we tend to underestimate by a huge margin the quality of being human and humanity. I think "being human" has become an excuse for our failures rather then our nature. And when remarkable people come along, individuals determined to fulfill their mission we tend to take them out of the reign of human and use it again as an excuse that only the chosen ones are able to have the quality.
But we all have it. We just need to embrace it.
... Getting back to my original thoughts I wanted to share with you .....
Michael Jackson is not the only source of inspiration in my life but he is a very important one.
So i'll say this - before I knew about racism and war, about hunger and despair, about poverty and nations' struggle, I knew about love.
My childhood during the 80's was spent under the Iron curtain my country, Romania, experiencing a regime of fear and non-information. At the age of nine as my country was taking the first dizzy steps into a post-communist era, I began to open my eyes to the reality of the world. And I wanted to learn. All. And lucky for me I found MUSIC.
I guess music was always part of my life since I've been tormented my family with my guitar ever since I was 4 or 5. But during 1990 music became a lot more than just a presence.
I still remember the first time my childhood friend brought these tapes and said "hey - have a listen - this guy is great" and so we did - I was immediately hooked.
And I remember when our neighbor rang at our door and told me to turn on MTV to see the premiere of "Remember The Time" -  my family and his watched in amazement.
Growing up in a society with no direction Michael Jackson was one of my strong guiding lights. His strive to be the best and better himself through learning was my model at a time when almost everybody around me was trying to blend in and hide in the crowd hoping that the change and better living will come just like that from their non-action.
Listening to Michael's music, much as it was adolescent exaltation in the beginning, became to me escapism and love, delight for the sense and mind, always soothing my soul.
Starting from Michael work I've discovered music and more. I slowly went backwards on his steps to find out   the background for his artistic expression and where from he got his inspiration. I started to look around to learn about th context in which he created his music and looked at the artists he inspired to learn about the impact he has ( yes, i used the present tense on purpose).
And this search has enriched my life beyond expectations.
I learned about and experienced music, I learned about people and places.
For me being a Michael Jackson fan was a source of personal growth, excitement, and joy.
I am proud and feel blessed that I am a Michael Jackson fan. For the music, the magic, the wonder, the lessons and the worldwide family that took shape from the love he shared with the world. And most of all for my wonderful friends, from all across the world and part of this blog, who have given me unconditional love and support.
On June 26th, 2009 on my way to work I got a phone call from my mom giving me the news that Michael has passed away. The one thing i can say about what i felt is that it felt very personal.
And as you can see from all the ideas mixed up in this post that is because Michael is part of my life much like my family and friends. His work, how he conducted his life, his love for knowledge, his love and dedication to children and constantly pointing out that a better future for human kind is only possible if we take better care of them, all of these facts have helped shaped who I am today.
His energy and dedication inspired me.

Michael Jackson to me is an extraordinary experience of joy and love.
Thank you for listening.


angelzaroundus said...

Absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for reminding us that we all have the capacity to be great, Michael is our guiding light.

Its also amazing of how much we don't really know regarding what others experience in other parts of the world, until we can actually build real relationships..

Thank you, very eloquently said!

Cassarah said...

I have nothing to add to angelzaroundus´words but to thank you for your words.

As far as I am concerned I am still not able to put MJ´s very complex impact on my life.
One aspect has to do with his very strong believe in GOD and it was finally MJ in respectable society with some members of my family and friends of mine who showed me that by living your faith you can make a difference in society.

doublebeee said...

WOW! Amazing... thank you so much for sharing.

ladydukka said...

At first I thought: if he only could read this...
But then I thought that he can read everything now, even things you have not written yet.
Thank you so much,

mike1909 said...

Thank you all for your wonderful words.

Kiki_MJFan4Life said...

I wrote something like this a couple weeks ago and i'm so glad u wrote this and shared it with us! thank you for sharing & like the others said thank you for your words :) :)

mike1909 said...

@ Kiki_MJFan4Life : I've been trying to write this one for the past year - after reading your post and wanting to continue with your idea was what made me decided to finally post it

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