April 11, 2010

The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait

After the news that Michael Jackson passed away countless tributes - either songs, newspapers and magazines articles and special issues, fans gatherings, vigils and so on - came to confirm what tabloid media tried to cover up. Michael's message of love and his lifetime work have reached and inspired tens of millions around the world.
A friend of mine told me that the pain and sorrow I feel is proportional to the joy I experienced. The joy and energy Michael shared with the world.
The Michael Jackson fan community has long become a family. A world wide family bond by a strong positive message of making a change, taking action so that this world will become a better place for all mankind.
We are also bond by our will to honor and preserve Michael's artistic legacy, acknowledge and continue his life long efforts to help and bring relief to children around the world.

Having said that, the love blog team would like to present to you a tribute project.
The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait offers the opportunity for millions of fans to come together and help create the largest Michael Jackson tribute in the world 

Behind each dot you see in the portrait below, there is a real person – a fan –somewhere in the world who came here, like you, to be part of Michael's legacy.
A dot is not drawn on the canvas by Artist David Ilan until someone signs up for it.

The drawing represents multiple moments in Michael's life, from his younger years to more recent times. There will be more than one image of Michael in this drawing.

VIP dots 


doublebeee said...

I love the Tribute project! Become a DOT, if you ain't already...

It's so symbolic. Each fan is a part of Michael now and together we make an image of him... *sigh*

We Are The World!

Cheryl said...

Michael Jackson was a sweet person who
cared for other's less fortunate,but who was tormented by lies from the media and jealous
record companies. He was taken advantage of by
many. But he gave of himself to charaties and
little children with cancer. He didn't have to
do any of that at all but he gave from a loving spirit that mirrors God. We love you Michael Jackson. RIP in Gods loving arms.

spirit which came from God

Cheryl said...

Yes I agree with they, never do him justice.
Michael Jackson was wonderful and unigue. There
will never be another Michael Jackson and we all will miss him for all time.

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