August 2, 2010

Michael Jackson - HIStory Teaser

On may 22nd, 1995 Michael Jackson presented the world with a  4 minute video teaser to promote HIStory, Past, Present and Future Book 1.

The response to it was as overwhelming as the video itself.
Directed by Rupert Wainwright (who also worked with NWA on "Straight Outta Compton" and "Express yourself", MC Hammer and George Clinton) and filmed in August 1994 in Budapest, Hungary the short film and the reaction to it marked (or better said underlined) the gap between how Michael's music and work was received by the critics and the media and the reception they got from the fan base and the general public.
Narcissistic was one of the most used words to describe the video teaser. But it wasn't the only one. Excessive. Self-deification.and so on. He was accused of using symbols of totalitary regimes (an accusation that will also aim at the lyrics of "They Don't Care About Us"). 
It was like the media was very surprised that after the lynching Michael was the subject of during the previous years he was still able to come out with such power. Married, happy, spending $30 million to promote his album, hiring an army for a $4 million, 4.00 minutes long commercial.
Larger than life, with an huge and loyal fan base.
The public's response was amazing. Instant connection and to this day the special effects, the smile, the costumes, the imagery but mostly the message behind it still make people say WOW !!! (don't believe me go on blogs and YouTube and read the comments to the video)
Did he had a big ego ? If by that you mean he was aware and proud of his accomplishments - yes, i think so. It's one of the things i admire about him. False modesty is not my thing - see i have this big ego (right now my friends are going like duhh !!!) .

But this video is not about that. Back on October 1st, 1992 Michael Jackson performed in Bucharest, Romania. Maybe not such a big deal fro most of you. But when Michael Jackson comes to a country who only 2 years before was under the "iron curtain" the impact is huge. It changed my life and it would make the distance between eastern and western European countries smaller.
"For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."
Nelson Mandela

, “It’s not political. It’s not fascist. It’s pure, simple love.”
Michael Jackson
And yes this is what we got. After a terrible time in his life Michael Jackson wanted to send a message out for his fans, for the media and for the world. Music will brake barriers and will bring people together.
And music heals. For the people in the former communist block this video has special meaning. It is pointing out to the idea of restoration - an army bringing music and entertainment instead of fear and pain.
 The few lines the workers in the beginning of the video exchange are in Esperanto, the most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language
 The meaning of the word esperanto is "one who hopes". The creator of the language is L.L. Zamenhof and his aim was to create a politically free language with the purpose of working towards peace

It is no coincidence that the HIStory World Tour kicked off in Prague, Czech Republic to an audience of 130.000 and continued in Eastern Europe with Budapest, Hungary; Bucharest, Romania; Moscow, Russia and then Warsaw, Poland. 

With almost half a million of people attending this 5 shows it is clear that Michael's message, his appreciation and support for the fight for freedom in Eastern Europe and the sacrifices made by our nations, were very well received.
"Every day create your history
Every path you take you're leaving your legacy
Every soldier dies in his glory
Every legend tells of conquest and liberty"
Michael Jackson - History

and join in the efforts to allow the placing of a 
statue of Michael Jackson in Prague, Czech Republic

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Cassarah said...

I have to be contrary to Michael: What he did, WAS politcal - breaking barriers, bringing people together (no matter which color of skin), working for freedom and making the world a better place IS acting politically at its best.....we would need much more stars with his awareness for politics.

Thank you for this post, mike1909, We often take our worldwide communication as self granted - but it is not...

yogadancer7 said...

wow--this video is as powerful now as it was then. and thank u, mike1909, for describing the environment at that time-and the impact he had then. as we see, his impact lives on.......

Gime Vacarezza. said...

Cassarah couldn't have said it better !. Thank you Mike1909 for this wonderful post !.

Anonymous said...

Cassarah, Thank you for the info u have given.I was not aware of this.

Anonymous said...

I meant Mike1909,not cassarah. Sorry for the mistake.

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