January 8, 2011

Michael Jackson Bronze Statue unveiled in China

Special thanks to echo9120, who uploaded the video  below to you Tube and shares this story:

"According to the fans who were there, the statue was unveiled accidentally. It was originally scheduled to be unveiled on 2011.1.1 at 11.11am.
When one of the guests was speaking, suddenly a strong wind blew away the red boxes (the “dream boxes”) which hide the statue (watch the 0:20 mark). The crowd caught in surprise were screaming while watching the boxes collapsed and “MJ emerged from within”. Some fans cried witnessing this happened before their eyes.Then, the guest speaker said, “You see, MJ himself couldn’t hold on and stand out”. It was also confirmed later by the organizer that the “unveil” wasn’t pre-planned. Anyway, the fans were glad that the act of the wind seems perfect. It blew away all the boxes except leaving “a big wall behind Michael’s back”.

Was it a  freak of nature ....or Michael´s spirit?



mike1909 said...

MJ magic :)
Wonderful tribute - thank you for posting.

doublebeee said...

Thank you for this! AMAZING!!!!!

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