January 23, 2011

MJ statue in the US? Some words from Chinese fans

The MJ statue in Guangzhou, China has been erected and unveiled on the first day of this year. Exciting news has emerged ever since then. This time I'm acting as a messager to deliver some words from the MJ fans in Guangzhou to the world (via the leader of "Michael Jackson Union" - Jessie Jackson, from Hong Kong).

The following is from the facebook page of Jessie. She has kindly agreed and actually very happy to share the news with us. The links to the facebook pages are at the end of the page.

N.B. Jessie tells us that they would like to hear what the world say on this! Please leave your comments here and your words will be passed to the organizers in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. THANK YOU!

Michael Jackson deserves respect around the world, including, naturally, his home country the United States. Fans from China are planning to erect the 1st bronze MJ statue in the United States, just as the way in Guangzhou. What is your opinion on this?

This is being planned for in Kansas in the near future.

As far as we know, if we (Chinese) have the opportunity to erect the MJ statue there, which would be exactly the same as the one in Guangzhou, this will be the very 1st bronze MJ statue in the whole U.S.

What would you say about this?

For the fans all over the world, this is going to be an amazing cultural dynamics!

This is a crossover of art in MJ spirit!

This will be, once again, an action of fans to defend and fight for MJ!

MICHAEL JACKSON should be respected around the world, including his mother country - USA!


Introduction of Kansas:

For English please visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kansas

The relationship between Michael and Kansas:-

1. Advocacy of Equality: Kansas State was the first to enact the U.S. Constitution that all African-American has the right to vote in the state.

2. The agricultural province for mid-U.S., Kansas is also called the "The Sunflower State".

3. Home of Dorothy, the main character in the fairy tale "The Wizard of Oz".

More information will be announced soon!

Source from Guangzhou / Ah Fai

The idea of having a statue in the United States came directly from the successful completion of the MJ statue in China.

1. One of the first reasons is the enormous positive feedback we have received for the MJ statue in Guangzhou. Among the Chinese communities in America and even Europe, the statue has been recognized as a significant event that represents cultural interflow between China and America.

(please note: setting up of the MJ statue in Guangzhou is in essence far more than a tribute for our idol; it has a more sublimed meaning in the exchange of culture and art between the two countries!)

2. Among the many witnesses on the unveiling ceremony were several icons in the field of art, including some famous sculptors. They were all very appreciative of the artistry of Mr. Luk, the sculptor of the MJ statue. One of them was Mr. Wu Shunkun (renowned Chinese sculptor in the U.S.; has been invited as the guest of the White House and was greeted by President Clinton personally). Mr. Wu wants to establish a “Sculpture Park of Chinese and American Artists” in Kansas, one that is similar to Guangzhou’s.

The Sculpture Park has been approved by the Kansas government, and land has been marked for this purpose. Being the founder and the owner, Mr. Wu can decide on the works to be placed in the park. After participating in the unveiling ceremony of the MJ statue on 1st Jan 2011, Mr. Wu decided that the theme of the MJ statue embodied the interflow of arts and culture between China and America very well.

In addition, Mr. Luk’s work can well reflect the level of sculpture skills of Chinese artists.

It has been preliminarily confirmed that this MJ statue will be among the first to be included in the Sculpture Park. The replica of the statue will be made according to the instructions of Mr. Luk, and will then permanently stay in this Sculpture Park in the United States, as an iconic work and a symbol of friendship between Guangzhou and Kansas. The fine details are being discussed between Mr. Luk and Mr. Wu. Please wait for Guangzhou report on this exciting news!

3. At the moment NO fund-raising is being planned for the making of the statue replica, so there is no need for unnecessary speculations. Mr. Luk and Mr. Wu will be in charge, meanwhile President Chen (who attended the unveiling ceremony as well) will communicate and connect with the Chinese business professionals in the States to help financing for the project. As the whole Sculpture Park project is in the stage of planning and preparation, we are also exploring ways to allow us fans to get involved and express our love for MJ. Please wait patiently for our further notice!

Source from Guangzhou - Rabbit (Fai's partner)

Translated by Ruby Wong

Posted by JEssie JAckson

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Anonymous said...

it's all for love=it's all for mj!!!!!!

Cassarah said...

A heartfelt thank you to Jessie letting us participate this great event and to Ruby for taking the task and helping to translate her words and post ist on our blog.

The statue of Mr. Luk is very beautiful - I haven´t seen another sculpture that was able to capture the essence of Michael Jackson. It´s not just the gesture of the outstretched arms, which is typical for Michael Jackson and which we all like so much.
Also the material is chosen so appropriate - remember all the sculptures he had in Neverland, also made out of bronze ...

The idea to erect a replica in the States, is thrilling! A crossover of art in MJ's spirit .....indeed!

I am a dreamer and when I was thinking about this exiting newsI had the idea MJ would deserve erected replicas on all continents of the planet .....

or better in each country.

Thoses statues would be much more than a tribute for our idol, but having a meaning in the global exchange of culture and art. These statues could become a symbol for MJ´s message to overcome borders, barriers, prejudices.

... a worldwide reminder of:

"We all are one.-
Let´s put L.O.V.E back into the world."

ichliebemjj said...

@Cassarah: thank you so much for your comments! you will be heard by Guangzhou fans! :)

AA said...

@ichliebemjj, thank you for the translation! Thank you to Chinese fans for the inspiration.

ichliebemjj said...

@AA Thanks for your encouragement!

Nuevitera said...

This Country (USA) should pay more respect to Michael Jackson, not only because he was the King of Pop but for all his humanitarian work that not many know about - US needs to have justice for Michael - he was a native of this country and gave his best for all of us and the world and children - UNITED IN LOVE FOR MICHAEL -

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