January 15, 2011

You can destroy buildings but you can't destroy L.O.V.E.

Ai Weiwei's studio before the destruction. photo (c) The Telegraph

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei was featured here already as he is a true Soldier of L.O.V.E. fighting for the rights of the unheard voices of the lost children and as a peaceful activist for freedom and democracy in China and around the world.

He uses his phenomenal art to truely make a change and is therefore seriously and constantly under the attack of Chinese authorities, where he almost lost his life being beaten down so hard on the head.

Ai Weiwei never gives up and doesn't even turn his back on China.

On January 11th, 2011 Chinese authorities took another method to bring him down. They completely destroyed his studio building in Shanghai (worth about 1 million US-$). This was probably also a reaction to Ai Weiwei's support of Nobel Peace Price winner Liu Xiaobo.

The New York Times writes about the incident:

BEIJING — The studio would have stood at the heart of an embryonic arts cluster on the outskirts of Shanghai, a draw for luminaries from around the world.

It took two years to build, and one day to tear down. (...)

“Everything is gone,” he said. “It’s all black now. They finished the job at 9 o’clock last night.” (...)

Ai Weiwei standing in the rubble of his studio in Shanghai. photo (c) Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Ai has come to see his escalating conflict with government officials over the Communist Party’s authoritarian rule as performance art. (...)

Full article here.

Meanwhile Ai Weiwei's fantastic work of Art "Sunflower Seeds" is still shown in Tate Modern in London.

This outstanding piece of Art shows hundreds of millions of Sunflower Seeds that seem to be identical but are apparently unique and handmade porcelaine in China.

As we all know about Michael Jackson's love for Sunflowers, the Sunflower Seeds represent the "seeds of love" and a basis for love to grow...

Ai Weiwei's "Sunflower Seeds" in the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern.

Watch the video about "Sunflower Seeds" here:

Let's show human rights activist Ai Weiwei and China our love and support!!! I guess you all saw what happened when the Michael Jackson bronze statue was unveiled in China recently...

Follow Ai Weiwei on Twitter: @aiww


mike1909 said...

Ruble and dust will never cast a shadow over the beauty of the soul.

Thank you @doublebeee

Cassarah said...

The undemocratic rulers of the world have always been afraid of the power of art. Stay strong, Ai Weiwei!

Thank you @doublebeee for drawing our attention to this crime against this peaceful activist for freedom and democracy in China.

doublebeee said...

Let's show support and love for everyone suppressed by a totalitarian system and shows the courage of speaking up against it. For Freedom and Justice!

Over the threat of their own lives and everything they've worked for.

Thank you Ai Weiwei & countless others. You are not alone!!!!

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