April 4, 2011

Opression and Abuse: China detains Ai Weiwei

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is on an international base like the imprisoned Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo one (of two) China's most prominent dissidents. He would be globally recognized even without his rights activism. The artist has become increasingly involved in China's Twitter-using network of rights activists in recent years and has investigated some of the many alleged abuses by police and officials.

Chinese border police detained Ai Weiwei at Beijing's main airport on 03 April 2011, while other officers took away about eight employees from his main studio.The detention of China’s most famous artist and political critic Ai Weiwei is a troubling development in a widening crackdown on dissent which has seen dozens of activists detained over the last few months, Amnesty International said today. “Ai Weiwei was not even involved in any call for ‘Jasmine’ protests. There seems to be no reason whatsoever for his detention, other than that the authorities are trying to broadcast the message that China’s time for open dissent has come to an end” said Sam Zarifi, Amnesty International’s Director for the Asia-Pacific.

Since online calls for Chinese ‘Jasmine Revolution’ protests inspired by people’s movements in the Middle East and North Africa began circulating in late February, the Chinese authorities have rounded up dozens of activists, lawyers and bloggers.

“We've already seen the chilling effect the ‘Jasmine Revolution’-related arrests have had on Chinese activists and netizens over the past month. Holding Ai Weiwei takes this to another level” said Sam Zarifi.

“If the authorities are so bold as to grab this world-renowned artist in broad daylight at Beijing airport, it’s frightening to think how they might treat other, lesser known dissidents.” (credits to: www.amnesty.nl)

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei was featured here already as he is a true Soldier of LOVE fighting for the rights of the unheard voices of the lost children and as a peaceful activist for freedom and democracy in China and around the world.

Support Ai Weiwei´s fight for human rights and sign this petition <- click here to let him free. Show the chinese government that the world is watching and that YOU CARE.



mike1909 said...

Thank you for this post. We have the responsibility to raise our voices.
In silence oppressive regimes thrive.
How free are we if we allow this to go on ?

"Power in defense of freedom is greater than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression."
Malcolm X

Together we can make a change.

doublebeee said...

Thank you Cassarah for this post!

The world needs to show China that we are watching!!! Ai Weiwei is a strong fighter for freedom, democracy and justice for the unknown and lost children.

He needs to be FREE and unharmed soon! I will write to the Embassy too to let my voice be heard for him.

God bless all the brave people around the world that keep fighting for a free world by risking their lives!

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