March 13, 2010

Herta Mueller and Ai Weiwei - make a change.

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and his fight for the "Lost Children" was introduced on this blog earlier here: Remembering the Lost Children in the fatal earthquake of Sichuan 2008

On Thursday he and Nobel prize winner Herta Mueller (Romanian-German) were discussing politics and their background growing up / living in a totalitarian system and telling the audience about their personal experience and what they their motivation is for resistance.

The event was part of "Lit.Cologne" a large annual literature event with readings and events all over the city of Cologne, Germany.

The discussion reflects so much of Michael's message and I can see a reflection in the constitution of our blog team here -> Romania, China, Germany.

It shows how much impact artists have in their constant fight for their message of changing the world for the better or of "making that change" as Michael would say.

No matter what the background or the kind of Art may be it helps to raise people's awareness and hope. And strongly but surely a change is gonna come. The political dimension of Art that has a meaning is very strong. I am glad there are people like Herta and Ai out there and noticed all over the world.

We learned so much from Michael, let's learn from them as well!

Here's a more detailed article about the event:

Chinese artist and Nobel laureate share views on totalitarianism
(click to open)

I especially loved this part:

"Asked if there could be any hope at all, he assured his listeners he lived in daily hope that new technologies, especially the Internet, would change the situation and bring democracy to China.

Herta Mueller saw Romania’s brutal regime fall. Ai Weiwei hopes he too will see China's one-party system fall."

We have to speak out for it in the name of Michael, the children, the world.



Addition March 14:

The L.O.V.E. blog team would like to thank Ai Weiwei for retweeting the link to this post on his Twitter account.


Cassarah said...

Thank you doublebee, for sharing with us your deep insights. This event really reflects so much of Michael's message!

Let´s always keep our eyes open and not becoming tired to get action to make this world a better place. Though starting to make a change with the (wo)man in the mirror we should never allow politics to end at the water's edge.

mike1909 said...

Living in fear is a reality for a huge number of people around the world.
People like them, who are not afraid to carry on with their mission and carry on the message of hope, break the silence that is sometimes promoted even by international community.
Lost in our everyday issues we tend to forget or at least tone down the fact that so many around the world are suffering.
Thank you "doublebeee" and thank you "cassarah"
Time for action is now.
Change will happen if we make it.

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