October 2, 2011

Invincible - A Songbreakdown from @lovelightmagic

"Great music and great melodies are immortal" ~ Michael Jackson

"I cried happy tears to see all the love."
-Michael Jackson's reaction to Invincible topping the charts in a dozen countries (2001)

Michael Jackson interview about Invincible in 2001

October,1st the month long buy phase of the INVINCIBLE campaign has started. This most beautiful album has never getten what it deserves.

It´s you to decide whether or not to buy the album. I know that there are many fans, who boykott $ony. MJ went on to promote his album Invincible, when he had issues with them.
Regarding buying the album or to boykott $ony we won´t argue who´s right or wrong - as already said above: it´s up to you.

@lovelightsmagic, one of the lovely members from MJJJusticeProject (@MJJJusticeprjct), started the actual buy phase for Michael Jackson´s Invincible album with a brilliant analysis of all tracks and tweeted it. She has a deep musical knowledge and she wrote beautifully about the album.
Enjoy her contribution.

Best reading may be with listening to Invincible simultanoulsly...

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The It´s-all-for-L.O.V.E-webteam was kindly given permission to collect the tweets and to post them here. We call us fortunate to explore, how the MJJJusticeprjct- members follow Michaels message, who always preached the "WE". Thank you very much!

Guys, your are doing a great job all over the time and you are really absolut amazing.
We love you!
It´s-all-for-LOVE - webteam

“(To) bring Michael's Invincible to Number One again would be a major statement around the world.

MJ's Invincible is my favorite album. Musically different from his past achievements, bringing us a new sound in his recordings. I have owned many copies over the years because I wear them out. I play MJ's Invincible cd daily. Invincible is my favorite. Sometimes, I play it on "random play" to surprise me what song will come next. I can never hear enough of MJ´s Invincible.
Today, I had it on random play, You Rock My World was the first one today.I think I´m going to write a song review here.... where do I start?? I'll let my cd player decide....

Especially when I travel, errands, work, free time, it's on my rotation. The music starts out (after conversation) with this driving beat on bass/ drums...already I wanna dance! This one always in my heart.Love the small build up and layers. No one could layer a song like Michael Jackson. His voice low and a bit earthy, love his lower tones when he sings. The strings.. oh my... the snaps get me every time!!
Michael Jackson integrated soul, funk and a whole lot of everything that makes you wanna get up and dance beat and supporting phrases in music. He sings a lovely story of love in his heart. Many identify with this because I believe inside, people look for their "ultimate love" at some point. A love that is not only spiritual, but charged. You can feel it as he sings, his passion and excitement in the song. Beautiful. Love the way he sings it out- you can see and feel where he's lost himself in the music. MJ always had passion, feeling when he sang. I love the base line, keyboards answers in compliment, a lovely balance between instruments creating a masterpiece. His music tells a story. This one has a build up where he brings the music down to the bass/drums and then he cranks it up again adding layers &fullvoice. By this time, if I were not sitting here typing, I'd have lost myself in the music.. singing at the top of my lungs too! I LOVE this song.

Next song on random...CRY..

This lovely ballad ...MJ sings about various perspectives of where people can be in life... his compassion to see the world as one..He seems to have felt some burden of too much responsibility and wants the world to help change the world. Wants us to see..something important. Basically, everyone gets cut, everyone bleeds, we are all the same and we need to take care of each other. MJ always had sense of responsibility to the world and each other. Cry with him...hold hands across the world &understand... we are humankind. We have a responsibility to each other.

Next song on rotation: Whatever Happens

This one another story, telling of a tug of war between a couple in perception. This reminds me of times where you have to remember that everyone has a point of view and this is basis as a drive behind actions and feelings. But the underlying tone is both: love each other very much...but relays it is "easy" to get caught up and let events run the relationship as opposed to the relationship being between only two people. Whatever happens. don't you let go of my hand...makes me cry at times...depending on my mood. An interesting key: b, e, a, d, g and c flats. Key signature of G-flat major or e flat minor. That is a lot, but if you know music,some of those notes have alternate names for fingering. Key signature means, that whenever those notes come up in the music, they are flat, unless noted by an accidental mark to play it whole.G-flat is also f sharp.... I know it can get confusing. Well, Whatever Happens integrates a few genres of music creatively.MJ has an incredible ability to integrate different sounds and influences into a song. A very coveted talent to have.

Every album MJ made was always different from the previous. Each one is incredible in its own right. I like to look at the written music too. I can read music and can play one wind instrument. Whatever Happens has a build up also, song is rather emotionally intense because you can feel it in the words and music. A sense of uncertainty hope and anxiety with lots of love entwined. The music compliments the words in various parts, often animating the music in your mind. Whatever Happens to me, is a delightful integration of classical, Spanish influence, soul, r&b and a bit of rock in there too.This was MJ's creativity...to integrate music to make a new sound. That is the delight in the music world...combinations are unlimited.

Next song:The Lost Children

a bit of an Irish influence in this one. MJ even sings with an Irish "tongue" so to speak.It reminds me of an Irish lullaby entwined with a blessing. He incorporates a choir of children voices, just lovely!! The song is based on b-flat scale, having only one flat, B. In 6/8 time, usually a signature for folk tunes, an Irish Jig.... This song, Lost Children hits my heart for not only the children who never came home, but a more personal meaning to me. Every time I hear this song, I send it to the heavens for a special reason. May this blessing reach all the lost children...everywhere. (-Lovelightmagic)I love all MJ's songs. Many are tied at number one for me.

Next song on rotation: Threatened

Oh my! I love this one...reminds me of Twilight Zone because of Rod Serling's voice. I LOVED TZ ! This is a very cool, heavy, funky-rock type influence - a very interesting combination. I LOVE this song. Key of E Maj, C sharp minor.I love the heavy bass line, driving beat and guitar lead comes in at chorus.
The song is so intense and urgent.
Fired up.This song reminds me of a haunting unconsciousness of the dream world, and yet, a questioning of conscience in the real world- dep on persp.I see Threatened on many levels. In perspective as the song dances its animation in my mind, as the song plays on. The multilevel perspective is hard for me to explain- because of the rawness, anger, and push back in animation, there is little wonder as to why he wrote it. Him singing "You should be threatened by me" is like saying, “Where is your conscience to what you have done to me?” Another perspective, is that people were threatened by MJ to have wanted to tear him down as they did..song animates several themes in my mind. I love when music animates pictures in my mind, talks to my heart and soul, or otherwise, opens my senses. During those moments, I feel free. Generally speaking, those are the components that have to strike in my mind when I listen to music or see art, pictures. I believe these components are what makes MJ loved worldwide, we can all feel his music, passion, expression and can relate to it personally. MJ's Threatened has an ever hypnotic, magnetic funky-rock drive. I love MJ's edge in this song. Makes me wanna get up and dance on first beat. When I was younger, my grandparents and I would watch Twilight Zone, the black and white ones. One time, they had a marathon. My grandfather had taped all the episodes on VHS. I STILL have those tapes. It always reminds me of times I spent with them watching. No matter how we relate to MJ's music, we all have our thoughts when we listen to it. This is what makes all his music very powerful too. Threatened lyrics runs chills up my spine, increasingly if listened to with music. His words are clear in interpretation. He's direct with words yet very poetic in phrasing...and intrigue.

Next song.
I won't get into too much because it has heightened emotions for me...but briefly..It is "You are my life"

...Another 6/8 time signature piece, but this one gives a feeling of a waltz (3/4 time was typically used for waltzes, so it is relative because 6/8 time can be broken down to 3/4 time in music) Time sig in music is also known as the meter. In the Key of E Maj/ C sharp minor. If you remember, MJ wrote another song in the same key, and time signature, but this song is very different in feeling and in sound. This is the beauty of music. There are approximate 15 scales that I know of that can be used creatively! You are my life song is beautiful, directly from MJ's heart and soul to his children. Such lovely, sentimental, and deeply loving words towards them. MJ relates how much his children have blessed his life, making life more fulfilling, enjoyable for him, not just as a man, but a father. The blessings are as I am sure both ways. His children love him as much as he them. This song is so very touching to anyone who listens. Children and family are a blessing in so many ways. MJ reminds us in this piece of the many values and blessings of FAMILY. 

2000WMusic starts with a startling bang, and then here comes the heavy syncopated bass. This one goes right to my innermost being. Love the lower tones of MJ's voice... this musical lyrics is about the love between MJ and music. This is what it means for me similarly reminds me of the times I would practice my instrument to my heart's content, til I could no longer play, I'd worn myself out practicing. Woodwind instrument...orchestra, marching band, classical music....love love love love it! How clever of MJ to write about his music in this manner? Gotta feel the beat, all through me too...everyone can relate. I'd practice in school a few hours a day, then at night 2-3 more, and then on weekends, 5 hours or so. Just because I loved to play.
I really can feel this piece in every sense of its composition. I laugh every time when he sings, don't you overload. I dare to push it!
Very syncopated, rhythmic, pulsating... like a beating of your heart in excitement when you're charged up, but every part of you beyond any perceived boundaries! AHHHHHH dance!!! When people first hear this song, many are surprised at first .. but with MJ, we should know, he always produced new music different from last.
The rhythmic echoing of main line to background supporting phrases, echo the pulses of music like how melody and harmony answer each other. But you see, music and the individual is like a love between partners...it reminds me of my younger years in all I did then. Anyone in arts and performance can relate to this in their way. Dancers, musicians, lyricists...artists...when you get in that mode...and lose yourself in it, sometimes you don't remember it all because you WERE the music, the art, the dance. It's a very powerful song honoring the love of music. Part of the beauty of MJ's music...he has the ability to embody the music, lyrics& appeal to everyone's senses, hearts, souls, experiences.
2000 Watts is an amazing piece, definitely different from other compositions. I absolutely LOVE that song! Many do! If you haven't heard it, you should give it a listen!

Next on rotation... Unbreakable

...I love how this one starts out... heavy beat undercurrent. Strong voice relays such deep emotion. as soon as it starts playing, you can't help but feel the beat and music, that get up and dance!!! It has a burning emotion the lyrics, so very powerful. There is a rawness of anger, frustration for all he had been through. But you see, his lyrics, are very strong. He pushed back with this piece, declaring "through all your lies, and silly games, Im a still remain the same". And he did remain the same. MJ never changed the way he loved the world. Never stopped caring to do his thing, still remained as he was. A true heart to his soul.I think these lyrics are some of his most powerful in meaning. Unbreakable lyrics are very clear to meaning, needs no interpretation. Musically.... this piece integrates both lower and higher registers, showing his diversity in ability of range. How he flips back and forth is amazing and brings a depth to the music, and lyrics, with a rawness never demonstrated previously. Very creative application of musical dynamics. The background music is supportive on its own layer, as the under driving force, the vocals, are in layers, pushing through his frustration and feelings. This one is one of my favorites. Its funk, soul, with classical strings providing a strong under layer which is a perfect accompaniment to the more complex phrases.I just love Unbreakable. Sometimes I listen to it on repeat. Can never get enough of it.this one is one of his personal ones, as the lyrics are more racy than other lyrics - it's raw, but sensual.After you listen again, it has a life of its own within you.not many musicians can leave people stunned like MJ. Incredible talent and love for music.Next song on rotation:..... Invincible. Oh my...haven't we all met someone we could not get through to? Heavens have mercy...Love the beginning, it's got a catchy beat, a bit syncopated, but certainly not choppy. It's a funk too, soul, like the light flute likehigher tone.. it flies you through on its wings... that is the image in my mind...This song demonstrates an emotion of frustration with the love department. We all have faced this I think...This song though is a dual emotion, while the upper notes take you on flight, there is the weight of the words on your soul...Love can certainly be a frustrating department for any1...the appeal to our hearts by remembering experiences, as unrequited love is common.Invincible is a very cool song because MJ hits on the emotions many have experienced... it makes you feel not so alone and still MJ shines his heart and confidence - and we all should have that inner esteem to say, hey you missin out!!! :P Yeah, that is the right attitude! Invincible is a song that appeals to the masses again, because they can certainly relate to what he is singing to some degree. Mass appeal.

Next song: Privacy

MJ let it all out again in this tune, this tune speaks for itself in lyrics alone.. his voice in this is very gut wrenching in this one. Low toned, and sharp, like those low tones in a reprimanding way.He seems really PISSED OFF in this song and sad too, because he sings about his friend Lady Diana. He's definitely fed up with the media in this song. And you can't blame him.It is a gut wrenching song, pleading too...like enough is enough, dammit! The driving beat is low too, as most of the song is in the lower register, with higher notes accompanying and complimenting the lower tones for a balance. A harder rock type song..emphasizes the and well, it reflects the harshness he's endured. The anger from losing a friend to a needless accident. It's very raw in emotion. MJ's tone carries a firmness, but very direct message. Unmistakable interpretation. There is a sense of urgency and plea for compassionas he sings through this piece. My soul envisions a person running through the darkest woods, with evils chasing.The emotions in this is simply....raw.... a masterpiece like the others!

Next song:Break of Dawn

.... a sensual song, a slow groove...romantic. MJ never really sang about love like this in this manner, so it may surprise some. It's a wonderful song of a wonderful and fulfilling love on many levels. MJ's maturity about love shines. MJ´s sings beautifully in this composition. Musically, there are long enduring supporting undertones that carry the tune. MJ sang in the key of F-sharp major, d sharp minor, and it is in the same key as two other songs. Still sounding very different musically.

Next song: Speechless

....in B-flat major, E minor. Two flats, b and e, unless noted by an accidental mark. A ballad, begins acapella. Acapella is simply without accompanying music...it builds softly, in piano, and as music is layered, becomes a bit louder and full. The gentleness and progression of the layers, is very soothing and pleasing to the ears. Notes gently dance, like a graceful ballet dancer. There is a humbleness, genuineness, humility in his tone throughout the song, though the song ends with a surrender...just after a crescendo. The surrender at the end, feels like he's afraid ...but still with conviction ever so soft, words like...like.. I love you. Simply beautiful. Another very endearing and emotional song. It's a beautiful song with lovely sentiments as lyrics. The composition is just perfection.

Next song: Heaven Can Wait...

This song begins with a lovely angelic sound as if Angels approaching, so it seems... and so the story in the song goes. MJ sings NO and declares his love for this woman is larger than life and heavenly. This is such sweet endearing song with such dedication and loyalty to his loved one in the song. Another lovely slow jam with a building of layers, ebbing and flowing. His uses of echos, and answers, give the impression of a conversation between him and the heavens above. This is a beautiful song, again, it is perfection masterfully mixed.

Next song: Butterflies

.... a slow groove, feels like soul and R&B, four flats, B, E, A and D, key of A flat Major, F minor. As you can see MJ's range in these songs were in many different keys, using different scales for most. He used both major and minor scales & this reflects appropriately his vast range, as he does utilize different vocal ranges amongst the scales.The vocal combinations in this song are difficult to make, often the flutters up and down are similar to trills, but more syncopated within the tempo, and the quickness from a central up to starting note, repeating then down, is not easy vocally. This is the skill and talent of MJ's voice. Butterflies is a beautifully sentimental lyric piece. There is a yearning of love in this song, w a frustration that they have not responded. These are emotions we have all gone through in relationships, so it is very easy to relate on personal level. Reaches everyone's hearts. He seems to go in tune with a 1-3-5 flutter, but well controlled as he repeats the same note in the middle of it. It is a little difficult to hear the exact intonation between notes because it is so fast!

What skills as a vocalist!
(all credits and thanks to: @lovelightmagic

OCTOBER 2011 is Michael Jackson´s Invincible to Number ONE . Now is the time to fly Michael's Invincible Banner Prominently all across the World.

It´s all for L.O.V.E: INVINCIBLE <-- click on this url to read thoughts and an analysis from our webteam´s writer @mike1909 about her favorit album.



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