October 19, 2011

Sleep my friend - Beautiful poem from Dr Patrick Treacy

"Most fans already know Dr. Patrick Treacy, the famed Irish doctor, philanthropist, social-political activist who, over the past decades has assisted chartitable missions in the middle-east and also Dr. Nelson Mandela in Africa, and how he got to meet and become good friends with Michael Jackson during his stay in Ireland between 2006-2008. Dr. Treacy was both amazed and inspired by the goodness of Michael's enormous heart, his philanthropic work and his undying dedication to continue to use his art and resources to heal the world. He has shared beautiful, positive and inspiring memories of Michael on numerous occasions and has always stated that Michael was not a drug addict (since Dr.Treacy himself treated him for certain minor ailments during his Ireland stay) but was extremely careful about his health and had a huge mission to help the planet. Here is a beautiful poem Dr. Treacy has written for Michael. Couldn't help sharing."~post from Ankita 

Thank you very much for sharing this  very beautiful poem 
written by Dr Patrick Treacy for his friend Michael. 
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Sleep my friend! For the dawn will come again in another time,
And your kindly soul can finds some solitude at last,
Rest, as your seedlings grow and sparkle from the vine,
And children laugh and play as God above looks down

On that other morn, as sun strikes the earth with shafts of light,
And ripened grapes shake and gently tremble on the boughs,
As mountain streams stall and turn back around their paths,
The heavens open and each man falls prostrate on the ground

Jesus comes amongst us, as propechies of the past did fortell,
Your rested body then wakes from the slumber of the age,
Rose scented petals fill the Temple, falling, circling all around
And you shall rise and take your rightly place by his side,

And man shall then forever know all the evil that was done,
To fellow man, to starving child and also to you alone,
The destitute shall then arise, the sickly smile again,
And each shall know your beauty in the judgement of the age.

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Anonymous said...

A beautiful, lyric poem worthy of the man's kind and gentle soul.

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