February 25, 2010

8 Months...

*I usually write Michael Jackson In His Own Words but since it has been 8 months today since we lost our dear sweet angel I thought it would be nice to put some quotes up from others about Michael :) *

8 Months today....Michael we miss you so very much.....

“I can’t find the words right now to express how deeply sadden [sic] I am by Michael’s passing. We have lost a genius and a true ambassador of not only Pop music, but of all music. He has been an inspiration to multiple generations and I will always cherish the moments I shared with him on stage and all of the things I learned about music from him and the time we spent together. My heart goes out to his family and loved ones.” - Justin Timberlake

“His music is just as relevant now as it was the day they pressed record, I’m sure it will remain so for generations to come.R.I.P.Mr Jackson.” - Samantha Ronson

I’m here representing millions of fans around the world who grew up listening to Michael, being inspired and loving Michael from a distance. … Somehow when Michael Jackson sang and when he danced … we felt he was right there. … He made you believe in yourself.” — Queen Latifah.

I feel like a part of my heart is gone. I was in love with him ever since I was little. I did the moonwalk, I did it all- From a Fan in Dallas Texas via the book Michael Jackson: The World says Goodbye to the King of Pop

R.I.P. Michael! I know you will be Moonwalking around Heaven. Bless the Jackson Family. My Heart goes out to you all!--a Fan in Detroit Michigan via the book Michael Jackson: The World says Goodbye to the King of Pop

MJ revolutionized every aspect of dance, music, videos, MTV, live concerts, and last the Grammys. The loss is irreplaceable-Fan from India via the book Michael Jackson: The World says Goodbye to the King of Pop

Michael, Never Can Say Goodbye, I Want You Back, You're Out of My Life, It's so hard to say goodbye. I am going to miss you M.J. Thank you for your music that uplifted many of us. We love you and we will miss you always- a Fan from Austin, Texas via the book Michael Jackson: The World says Goodbye to the King of Pop

I salute you King of Pop, You made the whole world moonwalk together-LL Cool J

Just as there will never be another Fred Astaire or Chuck Berry ...there will never be anyone comparable to Michael Jackson. His talent, his wonderment and his mystery make him a legend. Stephen Spielberg

and lastly this one's from me :

Michael, I can never thank you enough for what you did for me. How you inspired me, what you taught me. I'm a better person then I could have ever been had you not been in my life. I know compassion, I know love and I know about giving and it's all because of you. You gave me the confidence to believe in myself and to keep the faith. I miss you MJ & I love you more- Kiki


DesertRose said...

So true Sweetie. Michael showed the world that we all have the call to Love as one. Through his music, he brought his "Message of Love" to all parts of the world. As his fans we must remember to keep that Message going.

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