February 11, 2010

Michael Jackson Will Be A Part Of ‘We Are The World’ Remake

Michael Jackson Will Be A Part Of ‘We Are The World’ Remake

Full article:

Michael will appear posthumously in a split-screen with sister Janet Jackson joining him.

“To have Michael’s presence singing his part is the best gift we could ever get,” Lionel said. “His original image and him seeing his part.”

Lionel called the duet with Janet “magical.”

“She’s singing with Mike,” Lionel said. “It was all put together with fabulous choreography. It’s magical.”

The request came straight from Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother, herself, the pair told Access.

Just reading this is giving me chills... The song will be premiered tomorrow for the Olympic Games opening ceremony in Vancouver.

Let's not forget: WE ARE THE WORLD!!! For Haiti... for Africa... and for everyone in need...

"We must lend a hand to life..."

Further information on the project can be found here:



Felicia said...

It's make me feel so happy and sad at the same time, but I really hope it can help Haiti and Michael is a gift and magic. He's the chosen one. I'm so glad they put Michael's part :)

doublebeee said...

Yes, he's the chosen one. Amen! :-)

mike1909 said...

Thank you !!!

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