February 22, 2010

Children's Day, February 22, 2010

On April 1st, 2004 Michael Jackson was awarded with the African Ambassadors’ Spouses Association's Humanitarian Award.

To His Excellency Olhaye Oudine Roble and Mrs. Roble, Dean of the African Diplomatic Corps, thank you for your attendance and support.
I would like to thank Mrs. Zhor Jazairy, wife of His Excellency Idriss Jaziary, of Algeria, President of the African Ambassadors’ Spouses Association, and Mrs. Haoua Diatta, Chairperson of the African Ambassadors’ Spouses Association’s Gala,
and the wife of His Excellency Joseph Diatta of Niger.
Also, thank you Ambassador and Mrs. Kassahun Aleye, our hosts for the evening,
and their dedicated staff. Your Embassy is splendid.
And, I would like to thank all of the wonderful spouses of the 51 African Nations, who comprise the African Ambassadors’ Spouses Association. I am deeply humbled
and honored to be here tonight with you.
The African Ambassadors’ Spouses Association was founded 26 years ago,
with the mission to provide assistance to programs,
benefiting underprivileged children in the 51 participating countries.
They have done so much, and need all of our assistance in helping them to continue to make life better for the people in their Countries.
On June 4th, here in Washington, D.C. ... the Spouses Association will host their Gala, where the proceeds will go to provide aid to crippled children.
I will be supporting them in their effort 100%, and encourage you all to do so.Over the last several days, I have been meeting with members of Congress.
Yesterday, several Ambassadors joined us in our discussion concerning how we can all work together to combat the AIDS epidemic, poverty
and other major issues affecting our African family.
It is very important to me to help to raise awareness, and funds, for our sister continent... Africa. The statistics are staggering; there are still 9,000 people dying a day of AIDS; there are still children who are overflowing the orphanages; there are so many who are starving and dying of diseases... diseases that we just take aspirin for.
As I have said all week, many of life’s pleasures that we take advantage of: running water, electricity, paved roads, working toilets, beds and food, are mere dreams for many in Africa.
This cannot continue.
We must use whatever resources we have, to work together to help combat
all of these problems.
Several members of Congress have pledged their support in our efforts: by continuing to raise the awareness of the American people; and, to continue their fight for proper funding for programs affecting Africa. This is a good thing and we must support them.
Again, thank you, African Ambassadors’ Spouses Association, for what you are doing, I am humbled and honored by this award.
And, let me say, you have a friend in Michael Jackson."

"This cannot continue"

Growing up in Romania in the early 90's i often heard the expression "a sacrifice generation for a better future" used to explain and excuse the lack of coordinated actions towards providing a better present for a generation that was struggling with the reality of a post communism era and the aftermath, the meaning and the loss of human life in the events in December 1989.

"This cannot continue."

If we are to allow us a fighting chance in the process of improving the future we must act now for the present generation. We cannot afford any more "sacrificed generations".
We need to find solutions for now. For today's children. To take care of them now and to offer them education.
When we will stop "sacrificing" generations then we will be able to look to the future with confidence. We must not act for future generations only.
Today's children are not to be neglected.
This post is dedicated to "the lost children" of the world. Those we forgot about - today's generation.


Cassarah said...

Thank you for this post.

Lost (in many regards) children had a friend in Michael Jackson, who never got tired to help whereever he got information a child was in need.
Now it is our turn to adopt the demand note

"This can not continue...."

and take care whereever we are to resolve any grievance concerning children we come across.

Let´s take it as a major task of LOVE from now for today´s children ....for the rest of our lifes.

doublebeee said...

Great post! Thank you... Love is important. Especially for the "Lost Children". Now and forever.

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