June 13, 2010

June 13 - The truth runs marathons

Today marks the 5th anniversary of Michael Jackson's vindication from all charges...

We probably all remember that day more than vividly and thinking about it sends shivers down my spine. More than ever I was afraid of his life and the life of his family. The verdict made me cry of relief but all of this never stopped to crunch my stomach from pain.

When Jay-Z sang "Guilty Until Proven Innocent" it reminded me of the trial and I felt not even this applied for Michael.... WHY??!?

Now here we stand 5 years later still facing his legacy being smeared with lies and absurd accusations that those people don't even have to prove. They can just say it and make big money from it all around the world!

I'm really "tired of injustice, tired of these schemes" and I often feel hurt and helpless seeing it happen over and over again.

But then I remember what he tought me and the world and know that we cannot let this happen. We must raise our voice as one and bit by bit, piece by piece make that change.

I see so much love for Michael everywhere I go and I know millions around the world feel the same way. Let's bundle this energy and let the truth unfurl!!!

Michael deserves it.

His children deserve it.

His family deserves it.

We deserve it.

"The man's innocent. He always was."
Tom Mesereau, following the verdict, June 13, 2005

- Tom Mesereau's tribute to Michael Jackson (slideshow)
- VICTORY short film


mike1909 said...

so true !!!

Cassarah said...

Thank you, doublebeee.
Let us never get too tired to call for justice whenever we come across social or legal injustice. Let us be the soft water ... which wears away giant stones.

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