June 27, 2010

The World Stopped

  by @yogadancer7

  The world stopped June 25,2009.  For me, my summer became defined by the loss of Michael Jackson.  I rode an emotional roller coaster traveling between grief and the joy of re-discovering his old music and videos.  I guess I could say that my entire year has been this way.  Perhaps you feel the same.
    Somehow, it's all taken on a kind of otherworldly feel.  He always said he loved us more.  But since he's been gone, it seems that we all love him more.
   I want to defend him.  I'm guessing you do, as well.
    Look at him:  quiet-mannered, soft-voice, dear smile.  Such a gentle man whose idol was Peter Pan.  He spoke of God, his compassion for trees and always- Love.  He changed the face of music and dance and yet he remained humble and shy.
    Years ago, Michael was accused of having a messianic complex.  But his intentions were not lost on us.  He remained true to his calling of bringing Love to the world, serving children and respecting our environment.  His undying faith has been our inspiration.  That is why we believe, without a doubt, in his innocence.  But the media and his enemies stole his  dreams. They destroyed Neverland.
    When i see photos or videos from the trial, Michael looks like one big broken heart.  Back then, i looked away feeling lost and confused.  Now he's gone.  I can no longer look away.  None of us can.  We are his voice. We must be loud and clear:  Michael is innocent!  Michael deserves respect, Love --and JUSTICE!
    I am so grateful to the MJfamily that has come together; Soldiers of Love whose faith prevails.  I am in awe of so many who have taken on huge projects to honor our hero.
    I send my Love to each and every one of you-and thank you from the bottom of my heart.  As we support each other in Love and prayers we will continue to be a reminder to all of the world:  "It's all for L.O.V.E."
                            "Let us celebrate the joy of life and
                              you and I were never separate
                               it's just an illusion wrought by the
                               magical lens of perception
                                Heaven is Here
                                Right now, this moment of Eternity
                                 Don't fool yourself
                                 Reclaim your Bliss"
                                                                         --Michael Jackson

"Thank you for your words and your love."
It's All for L.O.V.E. blog team


doublebeee said...

Thank you so so much @yogadancer7 for your words... I am always in awe how much we are in sync in our emotions. Michael brought his soulmates together...

Thank you! x

Anonymous said...

thank you, my dear sisters. it really is amazing how we've been brought together. we truly do have our angel now. Love always, yogadancer7

Cassarah said...

This is such a beautiful entry.... and I could find my own feeling in most of yours.

"He always said he loved us more. But since he's been gone, it seems that we all love him more." :))
Thank you for these words and thank you so much for your permanent support and kindness.
Thank you, sis.

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