June 23, 2010

June, 25th: Keeping Michael´s L.O.V.E alive - Donate to Charity

The Sunday Project – Distribution of Meals to hungry Children in Haiti

„It´s unbelievable that it´s been a whole year. We still can´t believe it´s true. It´s like unreal, it´s a dream, but unfortunately it is reality,” Tito Jackson told  in an interview. The entrie´s headline is

“A Year Without Michael”

Bet, we are millions, who feel the way Tito feels, though our way of grief may be different. One year ... and doesnt´t it more feel like this tragedy happened yesterday?

For me this was no year without Michael – just the opposite! I think most of us will have spent much more time than before with talking and writing about Michael, re-reading his books and books written about him, interpretating the lyrics of his songs, listening to his music, watching videos with him on You Tube, reading tribute-sites on the internet, going into the theater to see “This is it”,  paying attention to audio files of his  speeches, researching the web for some wandwritten, lovely notes to his fans such as

and so much more....What it all comes down to is: he kept us pretty busy.:))

His loss made some of us even creating an own MJ-related website or blog, to keep his legacy of L.O.V.E alive...

So this year was both: A year without Michael – and on the other hand so fullfilled with thinking of him. We felt frustrated to the extreme because he has physically left us – and we were blessed enough to feel his spirit all around us, making us meeting wonderful friends on an international level and inspiring us for actions and activities of L.O.V.E.

The anniversary of Michael´s passing will be a hard and strange day. There will be people visiting Forest Lawn`s Holy Terrasse and various memorials all over the world; there will be prayers, candlelight and ...tears – though Michael would like us to smile. There will be events to celebrate Michael Jackson for what he was and will always be: The world´s greatest entertainer.

People will spend this day in many different ways – how about doing something this day to honor him and his humanitarian efforts for children?
He spend hundreds of million dollars for children who were in need.

Let´s follow him  on his  humanitarian path and donate some money for some of the poorest of the poor: The children of Cité Soleil in Port au Prince, Haiti.
After the devasting earthquake in January 2010  Carel Pedre, a born Haitian became THE VOICE of Haiti, keeping the world updated with what was going on in Port au Prince and coordinating via his account on Twitter (@carelpedre) aid supplies given  to charity to come to people who were in strong need for it over weeks. Left himself with bread and water and sleeping in his car with some friends he was still on air to send stories from people who survived to encouraged the  haitian people. 

Carel Pedre (wearing the Sunday Project shirt)

This world could really need more people like this.

Carel did not leave Haiti - he remained staying there. He sent his wife with his little daughter to The States, where they are save.

On EasterSunday he started a project called "theSundayProject" intending to distribute food to the children in Soleil Cité,  one of the poorest departments in Port au Prince. 

 Cité Soleil, department of Port au Prince

It´s great work these guys are doing and the world needs more people who just look around and feel that they have to care and start acting having nothing left but their life, their love and their intent to care for others.

Dear #MJfam, let us support #TheSundayProject on Haiti and donate money  in Michael Jacksons´s name to honor him on his first anniversary of death.
Michael has taught us, that the children of the world are OUR children, especially when their parents not able to care about them. 

 Children attending their Sunday Meal

Therefore WE have to care about them. 
We can not relax and say “they´ll” help them.
Who - if not WE?
WE have to make that change and help. 
Go for it, spread the word around and help Carel Pedre and his team be able to buy food for the hungry children of Cité Soleil -so that we can go on dreaming of a better tomorrow.

Every Dollar can help. Do not give up the idea of donating just because your are not able to spend much. Help spreading the word around to finally get many, many people of the MJfam helping #TheSundayProjet to go on with their great work.

Do it to honor Michael. Do it all for L.O.V.E.

Thank you. Love and peace to you.

God bless you.

How you can support:

Donating: watch the project´s website
(add the note: Donation in remembrance of Michael Jackson ...or something similar)

Get some more  informations about the project and how to donate here:


Two freelance writers, Eleanor Miller from the USA and Gemma Pitcher from Australia, whom both visited Cite Soleil on two different occasions  The Sunday Project and wrote great articles about Carel Pedre and The Sunday Project. 

Article from Eleanor Miller
Please take the time to follow the links, they are very positive. Get ready for pictures and updates this sunday as  the amazing people of #TheSundayProject  are getting ready to do their 11th Distribution.


AA said...

Thank you for this #WEARETHEWORLD and Michael's passing has only solidness this. We will have a mixture of emotions, but you are so right. He has kept us busy and inspired. But that is what greatness does.

Kiki_MJFan4Life said...

Cass told me at length exactly what this amazing guy is doing to help as she has told you all here in this blog, everyone who reads this should help out too! it doesn't take much, a dollar a week is all he is asking though you can donate more if you choose. I'm glad for people like this man and I think what he is doing is beyond great!!! :)

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