November 22, 2010

Cause of Death: Lack of L.O.V.E - Child Abuse by Parents

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As always on the 22th of a month this is also our "Children's Day".

Today I would like to remember 3 little Children in place of  millions nameless and faceless children, whose pain and incredibly suffering is caused by their own parents.

I am not writing about the children of Africa or Asia, who have to work hard at a very young age and  contribute to their family´s income . It is not about the children in Africa whose parents are missing all essentials and whose children starve.  These lines are about  children in so-called rich countries of the western world who were  tortured and beaten by their parents,  imprisoned in dark crates, condemned to solitude and absolute isolation. It´s about have children who die who have not yet really lived. It´s  about children, for whom it was probably a relief to pass away.
It´s about children who would still be alive and could enjoy life, if there would have been the LOVE.

Read 3 of the many stories, the shadow share estimated number of non reported cases is high.

• Kevin, a 2 year old boy is found dead in his father´s a small kitchen refrigerator. The child's body is found, after the youth welfare office has made the long overdue decision to take  Kevin into a foster family. At this time, Kevin is already five months dead.

The autopsy reveals that the child´s body shows  more than 20 old and new fractures. The little boy was exposed to constant abuse. Beats to the child´s genital area have left hematomas and must have caused considerable pain.

The father has neither called for  medical help  nor asked for education support for raising a child.

Court has to judge the father´s guilt. But what about the guilt of all the persons who have known this little boy, those who have heard the little boy crying? He "lived" in a tower building,  proximity close to other people. In opposite to this there was no emotional closeness at all.

Jessica´s funeral

• Jessica dies after years of malnutrition. The girl has even pulled out and eaten her hair. It is the biological mother who has  starved her daughter.
The 7 year old child has the weight a  child of 2 year should have.

Lea-Sophie´s last resting place

• Lea-Sophie dies of thirst and hunger in her  parent´s home at the age of 5 years. The little girl has the weight of a 1 year old baby.

In all it are millions of children who are tormented  and abused by their own parents.
They were -although it is prohibited by law- even today still whipped with a belt (like Michael Jackson was wiped as a child by his father). Beside the physical abuse  there are also a load of verbal and emotional cruelty that affect the daily lives of many children. Working with children, I learn constantly from their worries, fears, and their boundless desire to be loved by their parents.

In 1972, a little girl who was called Susie was murdered. Michael Jackson composed a song for her and published it in 1995. 

Let us walk -or even better dance- through life with open eyes and make sure not to get blind to the needs of children from the neighborhood.S tand up against anything and anyone who is making this earth becoming hell for children. Be someone who cares... for all the little Susies in this world. 

Little Susie...

We have to bring L.O.V.E back into this world.

~Michael Jackson, in: "This Is IT"


mike1909 said...

For how long will we let this happen .......

Thank you for this post. Michael's words ring in my head

"Are we blind to the fact that our children are raging against the indifference, crying out against the abandonment or thundering against the neglect?"

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