November 4, 2010

Michael Jackson In His Own Words -Ebony/Jet Interview

this is an interview I found of Michael's & it looks like this is right before he started his Bad world tour. I thought it was cute when I found this video the link said "MJ in His Own Words" & It made me think of this blog post I write so i thought i'd post this video. thanks go out to . they were and continue to be very fair supporters of Michael :)


Cassarah said...

Nice interview with the most charming "bad" boy ever. Wondering if there is any (female) person in this world who would have been able to resist this young man?

Thanks for posting. :)

mike1909 said...

:) Great interview :)
Thankx kiki !!!

Anonymous said...

There is an e-mail campaign to get the Grammy Awards(considered a more respectable venue than the MTV Awards) to honor Michael with an annually presented Humanitarian Award in his name. Those interested may contact the Grammys at:

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