November 24, 2010

Freddie Mercury (5 September 1946 – 24 November 1991)

"A concert is not a live rendition of our album. It's a theatrical event."
Freddie Mercury
It pretty much sums up what Freddie brought to the stage. But it only begins to tell the story about what Freddie Mercury and Queen mean to music and the world.
To call him a legends would be too little considering how this word is thrown around about everybody who gets on the cover of a magazine

"When I'm dead, I want to be remembered as a musician of some worth and substance."
Freddie Mercury 

He used to say his melodies are better than the lyrics but I bet many of you will disagree with him. Both lyrics and melodies are so powerful and have borrowed his style and personality. I do not intend to take anything away from the other Queen musicians - amazing themselves. I will not get into that. This is not an analysis.
This post is simply to remember and honor one of the greatest music entertainers that ever lived.
A man who dedicated his life to bringing joy through music and share his talent with the world.

A lot of ink has been used in writing about his. Controversies, tabloid reports, critics (about his music and his image) and so on - but what remains is the gift he gave to the world - himself.
The show went on through all the good and bad in his life. 

My favorite album is "Made In Heaven". I'm sure many will argue with me on this. It might not have the musical force of "A Night At The Opera"' for example.
But it's the simple fact that this last album was finished just based on will power. 
While his body rapidly loosing the battle with AIDS he found comfort in recording.
And is his voice that breaks through. Not many rock artists pay attention to that. He used his voice to add depth and character to the songs and the public responded. 
In April 1992 took place The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for AIDS Awareness. At the end of George Michael's rendition of "Somebody To Love" the public offered a wonderful tribute by singing the final phrase of the song exactly like Freddie used to do it.

It wasn't a big surprise to me that he and Michael connected and according to Brian May they became close friends. The two demo songs that we know of that surfaced - "State Of Shock" and there "Must Be More To Life Than This" - left us with just many questions starting in "What if ...?"

I'm going to end up this post with the song Brian May wrote and that I think expresses what we all feel about loosing him. About loosing them ..... our heroes. All of them. Including the unsung ones.

"One by one
Only the good die young
They're only flyin' too close to the sun
Cryin' for nothing
Cryin' for no-one
No-one but you"

We must continue to educate ourselves and others about HIV/AIDS and support research for its eradication.

The Elizabeth Taylor HIV/AIDS Foundation

amFAR - The Foundation for AIDS research

Also read 
Michael by Peter Freestone (Freddie Mercury's personal assistant)


Cassarah said...

Thank you!
Freddie Mercury is one of my idols for sure.

Such a powerful voice - such a powerful performer...
Freddie who was publicly bisexual (what was a rare thing at that time) and died of AIDS, was a real rebell, a legend - and there is no one who could step into his shoes.
The album "Made in heaven" made being totally on borrowed time in 1991 months before his AIDS-related death, is the album of "Queen" which I also appreciate the most.It is a beautiful last gift from Freddie to the world.

In memoriam aeternam, Freddie Mercury – Rock on!

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