November 18, 2010

Randy Jackson tweets about Behind the Scenes of the New Album

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Last night answered to questions for about half an hour.
Here´s what Randy wrote on his Twitter, in chronological order, so that you can read from top to bottom.
A shoutout and a big THANK YOU to for taking the time and talking to us. 
Mr. Jackson, we hear you and want you to know that we will not forget your brother´s message of L.O.V.E.
It has become our mission...   ~Cassarah

# Hello everyone, let me say for the record my computer has not been hacked, this is me.

# I want to spend some time on as many questions as possible, Feel free to ask whatever you like, there is nothing too personal.

# I want the truth to be known.

# Q: How do you feel about the Oprah interview? A: I didn't watch the interview, im sure everyone saw the show she had prior to my parents.

# Like I said before, no coincidence

# I guess, in Oprah's mind my brother is still on trial, even though he's not here, may he rest in peace.

# Don't be surprised if the Oprah show with my parents air's again during the AEG trial

# Like I said, No coincidence

# Q: How do you feel about the new Album?

# A: I have to give you history behind the project in order to answer this question correctly

# Me and my nephew were the first to say that it wasn't his voice on some of the tracks

# let me go back and say something that you, the public, may not be aware of

# The family and the executers of the Estate, Branca and Mclain are not on the same page

# We don't see eye to eye

# I became suspicious about the album, when I heard when armed guards were involved since my brothers passing, May he rest in peace.

# John McClain insisted that no family members were allowed at his studio where the project was being completed

# My first thought was, what are they trying to hide

# Teddy Riley was brought in just to mix and insisted on switching studios

# At which he called me to come down and hear my brothers music, may he rest in peace.

# Now McClain points the finger at Sony, when he got the tracks before it even went to Sony

# But I think they all know all now it is not him

# Sony has 250 mil reasons to convince the public that it is his voice, if you know what I mean.

# In fact, when I heard about the Sony deal, it made me sick

# Like AEG, they were cutting deals with the Estate before I could get my brother in the ground. May he rest in peace.

# I invited McClain to the burial, Ironically, he didn't show up

# Neither of the executors didn't show up to pay their respects

# Maybe they were too busy getting deals done

# Im sorry its taking so long I get emotional

# Okay, after this Sony deal was inked, McClain went to work putting together the first album

# Calling all over the place looking for music with my brothers voice on it

# From what I heard, he didn't care about the quality or how complete the vocals were.

# I found this to be very interesting

# Why would Sony sign a 10 album deal over a period of seven years and

# McClain couldn't find enough product for one album

# I'd like to hear what they played Sony, or did Sony even care?

# If they don't even have enough product for one album how are they going to make 10 albums?

# On a side note, the letter released by the Estate

# I was informed by someone who attended that meeting at the studio

# It didn't happen the way it was mentioned in the letter

# You must understand, Sony is a power house in this business

# And as to the vocal authenticators, they work for pay. And I wasn't there when they did their analysis

# I dont know what they heard, surely not what I heard

# Like I said, Sony and the executors have 250 mil reasons to influence the public.

# Some of the songs are him, and some aren't. I would be my life on that.

# I know this may seem harsh, but this is the truth, as I know it.

# But what's worse then harsh is that my brother isn't here, and all these people are more concerned about making money off his death

# They could care less about why and how he died, or maybe they already know

# one more question

# I can't tell you what to do, but I can tell you what I think my brother would want

# Questions about death conspiracy, whether or not to buy the album, many questions.

# Let me say this in closing about everything

# This story has not ended, things are still unfolding.

# Since my brothers passing, over one billion dollars has been profited.

# I want his legacy to be respected as if he were here.

# It bothers me that they can't get the deals done fast enough.

# My brother was a perfectionists, and they are paying no regards to quality

# We are family. A famous family, but a family whose lost one of its members.

# I will miss his laughter. I will miss his silly jokes. I even miss our arguments.

# Most of all I want all of you to understand that he loved all of you so much. He had a great love for all man kind.

# Thank you all. Goodnight.
~ Randy Jackson
Wednesday,11/17/10 about 7:35 pm Pac time 



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