June 25, 2011

Missing Michael

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I've been looking for words. When I couldn't find them I went on an old idea and made the photo above. I used other people's words - they so well make up for a portrait of the man, the artist, the humanitarian.
My trouble with writing today came from not finding the right words to express what I'm feeling. 2 years on and the pain is just as intense.
 For the past 2 days I got this song stuck in my head - Coldplay's "Fix You". I thought it was just business as usual (they are one of my favorite bands and "Fix You" is usually one of my pick me up songs)  until I finally sat down and played it. And I got to the bridge. 

"Tears stream down on your face
When you lose something you cannot replace"

This is why. I miss him. It's not going to change - it's a loss that cannot be replaced. His energy, his talent, his creativity, his dedication, his love. Him as a person and personality. As an artist and a role model.

And I figures what I wanted to write. Something I learned from Michael.
Work hard. At times certain people will take swings at you. It's sad, nerve wracking. Better yourself, build on you resilience and put the energy into your work. You will get back love.

Thank you Michael !


AA said...

Thank you for posting this.. Its nice to know that we can share in how we feel about this day, celebrate his music, and remember Michael's legacy. It lives through the bonds we've all built all over the world.

Wonderful post, thank you!

sohappi said...

I agree; the last two years would've been difficult if we didn't have each other!

Cassarah said...

I share your feeling: What we lost with Michael is not to replace.

On the other hand he gave and taught us so much that we can reap the fruits of his love, his work and his wisdom for the rest of our lifes.

doublebeee said...

Thank you Michael!

mike1909 said...

Thank you Michael !
Thank you ladies !

Many blessings.

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