June 25, 2011

Dedication to Michael from our dear friends

25 JUNE 2009
by Xanadu Murphy, USA

It started out a normal Thursday, but by afternoon it became a day Michael Jackson’s fans would never forget. Some fans had never left MJ, others had recently returned with the announcement of his upcoming shows at the O2, while more of them subsequently rediscovered his music and smooth moves after his untimely death was announced in Los Angeles. Michael the performer, the artist, the humanitarian, the philanthropist and the father of three children was gone forever.

Michael’s death brought his international fans together in a way not possible a few years earlier. The Internet and social networking web sites brought people together to remember and to grieve; new friendships began and old ones rekindled.

The loss of Michael meant no more “hee-hees,” no more Moonwalks and no more fixing French toast for breakfast for his children. The public finally saw his daughter and two sons without their masks. Grieving children who were beautiful, polite, well-spoken and poised in extreme circumstances; normal children.

While I do morn the loss of Michael the public celebrity, performer and humanitarian, the loss I feel most deeply is the loss of a father who loved and protected his children as much as possible. I would gladly give up the music, dancing, Moonwalks, new friends and old, if it would restore Michael the man, the father to his children.


by Sarah, UK (@savysarah)

I have always drawn from a young age at the age of 11 it became more important to me. Wanting to make it as real as I can fascinated by how photos can be so real I wanted to try to get my drawing as close as I could.
Art is an escapism I feel able to draw freely and not judge myself only
looking at what I could improve on its always been a fun journey for me.
I love drawing emotion and challenging myself.
Art is an expression rather than a picture. Age 19 I hope to pursue art as a career.

"There is nothing better than escaping into a scene into a emotion and atmosphere definitely a persons feeling then portraying and recreating that in your expression"
Michael Jackson has given me a guidance to making life better for me and people around hes given me music that I love and I enjoy and when im down lightens me and hes given me freinds freinds that show the love like he did true freinds hes still here in spirit and the Jacksons are beautiful like him and give guidence to a better life I wanted to draw these drawings 4 him showing and portraying the emotion and drawing him because of all hes done.

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DEDICATION TO MICHAEL by Katy, Romania (@KatyLovesMike)

For Michael J.

White fedora, sparkling glove on
You are the light all over THE place
Your dance, your moves...
All what you've done,
We're thank you for everything.
Your voice is so amazing
We hear it in every day
On radio, TV, mp3, that's the only way
It doesn't matter when you come back
Just be happy, smile and stay in safe
Watch how your soldiers of L.O.V.E.
Are spreading love in every day
We're trying to do our BEST
Sometimes we succeed, other times we're losing faith
But in the end, a voice whispers to us
" It's all for L.O.V.E. " and we continue our mission again.
Time by time, day by day
Time IS ticking fast or slow
It hasn't arrived that special day...not YET...
We hope TO hear that magical voice again
We are waiting for you to COME in a sunny day
Much L.O.V.E. to you, sweet angel MJ.

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mike1909 said...

Thank you to all our friends for doing this. You are amazing !!!!
Your love and support are greatly appreciated.
Michael's legacy will go on forever.

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