June 12, 2011

World Day Against Child Labor - June 12th, 2011

Forced labor, slavery, modern day slavery - whatever the name used is the same reality. 
To this day people fall to this cruel practice and are kept bound by visible or invisible chains into a life of labor without pay and without hope. 
A great number of them are children.

UNICEF:For every child

According to UNICEF, "an estimated 158 million children aged 5-14 are engaged in child labour - one in six children in the world" 

"Children are a quality of life ... when our children are happy, then we are better as human beings."
Whoopi Goldberg
When children are forced into labor, beaten, killed, suffering ... what kind of quality of life can we expect? And it's happening all over the world - developed countries as well as developing countries. Sometimes across the street. It is up to us to make better by our children. 

"...perhaps that is what ultimately unites us as a world: the fact that, no matter how prosperous a nation, how developed, all share the plight and embarrassment of having so many suffering children. We are united by our neglect, our abuse, our absence of love. Have we forgotten about the children, and thus forsaken the next generation?"
Audrey Hepburn
I think is time to claim the true bond between us - LOVE.

"Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, 
a life free of violence and fear."
Nelson Mandela

Learn more about child labor an dhow can you help

India: Former child labourers share stories


Cassarah said...

Thank you for this post.

This evening we talked to (not very close) friends who just came back from Brazil about child labour.I was happy to realize that they also see education as the only right response to this problem.

To heal the world starts with education...

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