August 23, 2010

Children's Day - August 2010 - What I've Learned

I want to share with you today something I've learned from this 7 year old boy I have the privilege to know. Back a while ago we had this very interesting conversation - I'll resume it to you in the lines below.

People i care most about are
1st answer -> everybody i know
2nd answer (when i asked him but who do you love the most) -> my parents

What i like most to do
nice things, to write, to read , to draw , to color, to take walks , to go on excursions

I wish
i'll get good grades

One of the best thing i ever did

When i grow up i wanna be
a gardener - to plant legumes in the garden because they are good - the best

Things i don't like
to fight (phisically - to hit someone or to be hit by someone)
to do bad things
to be naughty
to shoot someone (i guess this came as a conclusion to something he saw on TV)
to destroy towns or the earth 
to fight - get upset with people or people getting upset with him
to tear and destroy things

What i like most
to be good and polite 
to be the best in school and at home (he has 2 older brothers)
beautiful sunny days
walks (30 minutes everyday)
to play with other children
to swim in the summer in the sea 
to gather and eat fruits
to be free (his words)
to grow up
to love you too (aimed at me - and I'm not family or anything that close)

That last answer is what offered me the lesson of a life time. It was honest, came natural and he even look a bit surprised at my very emotional reaction as to say - hey what's the big deal ? - this is true, isn't it true for everybody?
I wondered long if i should mention this - as it does not define him - but he is a child diagnosed with a Autistic Spectrum Disorder.


Cassarah said...

Children are so beautiful souls... unfortunately most of us lose a lot of this special sweetness while growing up. This world would be a better place if we could keep more from our inner child.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story here.

MJacksonwords said...

Awh... so touching, story of a Child's pure heart..

I want something from Michael's words: "A great poet said once: "When I see children, I see that God has not yet given up on man." ~ Michael Jackson ~
And this kind of story that reminds me of that quote..
Thank you for sharing, lovely story...<3

Bradley E said...

This is such a touching story of the child's heart!

-Proud owner of !!! Come check it out, if you dare!-

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