August 29, 2010

Not merely the birthday of one man

52 years ago, a boy was born. In the next 50 years, he lived his life to the fullest and brought the world to another era, musically and socially. So many lives have been positively influenced by him; so many hearts delighted; so many souls given hope; so many dreams inspired. The world has become a better place in many ways because of his tremendous contributions, which he paid with a huge price, and yet he never held back his passion.

Today, therefore, is not only the birthday of Michael Jackson. It’s also the birthdays of the lives he had changed, of the hearts touched, of the faithful souls, and of the aspiring dreams. It’s the birthday of so much love and happiness, which continue to go on and grow into all sorts of wonderful legacies for the world. It’s the birthday of a big part of our entertainment culture today which started its main phase of evolution since this angel had come along. It’s the birthday of part of the life of virtually every one on earth.

Happy birthday Michael. We all owe it to you. We love you so much.


mike1909 said...

Thank you for this message.

doublebeee said...

Thank you. This has brought tears to my eyes. Because it's so true. Beautiful words. Thank you.

Happy birthday Michael!!!

yogadancer7 said...

oh--me too-this brought tears. thank u for this beautiful, heart-felt message. i'm sure our angel is aware of all this Love being sent his way.

Cassarah said...

Thank you so much, @ichliebemjj.

Odette said...

this one made me cry..This is beautiful!
Happy Birthday MJ! We love you even more!

Gime Vacarezza. said...

Thank you for this message !. It's beautiful and it also bring tears to my eyes.

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