August 28, 2010

Michael´s Legacy (Tweets on Twitter)

Credits for the Textportraits: Ralph Ueltzhoeffer

On this special day I´d like to share something with you,  what  the MJfam started on Twitter and what was intended to become a trending topic there: #MichaelsLegacy. A list of insights on Michael Jackson was created.  On the anniversary of his 52nd birthday our webteam wants to offer you just some of many  tweets we have collected. 

Today, dear MJfam, feel invited to  realize a really beautiful idea of MJ´s nephew Taj @tajjackson on Twitter.  Anyone of you is asked to show the love and magic MJ brought to us. Tweet your experiences and stories on the 29th and make sure to add the hashtag #MessageToMJ and make it a trending topic.

Our webteam is going to collect and save as many tweets as possible and will post some on this blog. 

Thank you so much, Taj Jackson for this loving act of caring, kindness and love, which will unite the fans with the Jackson Family.

Michael´s Legacy 

"If not us - who? If not now - when?" 
~"it's All For Love....L.O.V.E."
  • He will continue to break records and create HIStory 
  • His Legacy is something that can't be touched   
  • His music is the soundtrack to our lives
  • Bringing black,white,brown, and yellow together with pride and love 
  • There´s no black and white. There´s just one color  - the color of LOVE
  • A plea for unity to change the world 
  • Breaking barriers 
  • Daring to comfort, learning to believe
  • Dreams becoming reality
  • Putting L.O.V.E back into the world. Love is important.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             *


yogadancer7 said...

beautiful-happy birthday, dear michael! and thank u, blog team! xoxo

mike1909 said...

Happy Birthday Michael !!!

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