August 29, 2010

I'll keep on smiling

It's hard to choose a favorite out of Michael Jackson's recordings or any of his works. I guess if I ever choose one over the others was because of what I was going through.
... still from Michael's "Dancing the Dream - Poems and Reflections" book, for me, one piece of writing has always stood out : "The Last Tear" .
Maybe it was because of the promise of getting back what you've lost. 
And no surprise - throughout all year since Michael's passing this poem was a constant in my thoughts.
I hang on with every tear to the hope that each will be the last.
But I had it all wrong. Tears helped me deal with the loss. And will continue to do so.
But today I smile because of what I received throughout the years.
The LOVE is forever.

Anger, sorrow and everything else that came with those feelings are starting to fade away.
So I'll keep smiling.

Happy Birthday Michael !!!


Cassarah said...

After reading your post I am crying and smiling at the same time - an emotional rollercoaster, though advanced out of puberty since decades.
You´ve put it ... once again.
Thank you.

AA said...

Thank you for the lovely words they are just right for today!

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