November 25, 2009

5 months ago - Pain just seems to get worse...

June 25th 2009 - November 25th 2009....

It is said that time is a healer....

Regarding the tragic passing of Michael Jackson time has not healed and many many human beeings all over the world are still consumed by grief. On social networks such as Twitter MJ fans have found mates of soul. Talking to someone from the "MJfamily" who knows what the others are up against has helped to cope with the loss. By reading and writing you get the feeling "We are all ONE" as MJ once has put it.

Today I´ll quote some statements of non celebrities, but strong loving and caring MJ fans, living in the USA and in differrent countries of Europe. Some of the posts I found to be very touching.

"I'm just a person who is grieving like you. We all have to deal with loss and change the best we can. But I will never be over MichaelJackson." ~MJsHeart on Twitter 11/25/09

"I am so sad about Michael's passing. Who took him from us? :' (" ~MJJAppreciator on Twitter, 10/07/09

" It's five months today... He's missed here so badly!!! But thank you for coming down at all angel! ♥ ♥ ♥ " ~ doublebeee on Twitter 11/25/09

"no one or shall i say no fan will ever stop grieving from Michaels death it cut to deep with in our souls to ever heal "
~MJinfo on Twitter 11/25/09

"Miss you Michael"
~ LaMichi on Twitter 11/25/09

"The media still has not let up on this shining light amongst us,still they want to dissect & ridicule each nuance,each word & every action. The poem at his memorial service, we had him - amongst us - BUT-let him slip away..." ~castlekeeper, in an MJ forum ,quotet on Twitter 11/25/09

"It has been five months since our beloved Michael left us.
What happened on June 25th? "
~myloveforMJ on Twitter 11/25/09

"Yes & the pain just seems to get worse not better "
~cherylcharles and ~ doubelbeee on Twitter 11/25/09 be continued


Bettina said...

Thank you for posting my Twitter message... I'm missing Michael soooo badly and there's just no way it will get any better... Thank you to the entire #MJFam on Twitter!!! All for L.O.V.E.!


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