November 27, 2009

Messages to be taken to Michael

Michael Jackson´s fans have always been different to fans of other famous stars. Since Michael Jackson was unique and perfect in so many regards, it´s a matter of course that real fans do more than just idolize the King of Pop. This has not changed after the tragic death.
myloveforMJ, a true MJ fan, who never gets tired of supporting and caring for our idol´s interests has published this wonderful offer on Twitter :

" Friends, I may get to go to Forrest Lawn next Monday.
If you have a message for me to take to Michael, I will be happy to do it."

These are the messages:

"I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU, KIANA" ~highergetoncome

"Just tell him that I Love him and miss him SO much :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( I´m so depressed and nothing comforts me, especially today :(~NatApplehead

"omg.....can u jus tell him that we love him..and well never forget him,or the children--and we know the truth,and were happy that he can finally be happy.." ~thequeenofrap

"When you left us, pieces of hearts of hundreds and thousands of people went with you. One day in heaven we will all unbreak our heartpieces together. Until than I will go on working hard –just like many many other fans- to fullfill your L.O.V.E mission.Thank you for beeing who you were...and for all that you have tought us and given to us."~Cassarah_

"how about send him a big thank you from me ? that will be great - just thank you if you will " ~mike1909

"bring Michael all our LOVE <3" ~LynnAndret

"Please Tell Michael That I Love Him So Much Miss Him So Much That He Is My World My Angel My Joy That I Love Him So Much,Irma." ~IrmaJackie

"just one favor,when go to forrest lawn kindly give him a white rose. please?and said that i´m doing my best to go there for him" ~mjjgirl4ever

....more to follow?...


maria said...

Michael, you are the King of my heart, you are the King of my soul! Your smile is like a sunshine, your speeches like a preaching... You are my tender Angel! I love you soo much, I miss u so much! xxx

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