January 21, 2010

Just for kicks...

(I had a random MJ moment on Twitter last night as I went to sleep & I feel like I should share....)

*To my 'PYT's' and 'Lovely Ones'-

It's going to be a 'Thriller' night.

They 'Wanna be startin' somethin'', you know 'They don't care about us'.

It's only 'Human Nature' to love MJ, anything else would be 'Bad'.

Those haters need to 'Leave me alone' and 'Beat It'.

It doesn't matter if you're 'Black or White', 'We are the World'!

We should 'Come Together' and 'Heal the World' instead of fighting.

LOVE will forever keep us together...'You are not alone'

in closing-

I hope you 'Remember the Time' and don't forget to 'Jam'.*


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