January 4, 2010

Michael Monday ~ Its a MJ Thing

Last week, MJ Fam started what was intended to be a trending topic on Twitter, "Its a MJ Thing." It didn't make a trending topic, but it created a long list of inspirational, funny, and at times, quirky bits of insights on Michael Jackson. In the first installment of "Its a MJ Thing" to celebrate Michael Monday, here are just a few "MJ Things:"

  • You and your family being a part of our lives and memories before we could talk, crawl or walk

  • Loving and caring for children

  • Donating all the profits of "The Dangerous Tour" to Heal the World Foundation

  • Making grown men cry

  • Writing songs that will forever be up to date, beautiful, heart shaker and never enough.

  • Nice to dance, feel & learn from

  • Making music videos EPIC events

  • Making me quiver when he sings "Lady in My Life" or " I Can't Help It"

  • Singing Hee-Hee

  • Making my heart melt to "Human Nature" or '’Butterflies"

  • Sings like an angel and moves like a gazelle


Cassarah said...

That you for collecting and posting theses #MJthings. Twitter is really an adventure and full of very nice surprises....

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